Test A

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1. Around the age of ten months a child may begin to be uneasy when not with his mother. The child has developed
separation anxiety
the stage of concrete operations
a surrogate mother
none of these

2. Identical twins are conceived when:
a single egg is fertilized by two sperm
an egg is fertilized by a sperm, then divides into two separate parts
two eggs are fertilized by a single sperm
two eggs are fertilized by two sperm

3. A gene is:
a segment of a DNA molecule
a fertilized ovum
one half of a zygote
all of these

4. An experimenter determined the effects of visual enrichment on develomental test scores in infants. In this experiment:
the dependent variable is the test scores
the dependent variable is visual enrichment
the independent variable is the age of the children
none of these

5. Motor develoment in infants proceeds:
in a spiral direction
from peripheral to central regions
from toes to trunk
from head to trunk

6. When children stay together and exchange toys, but play separately, they are engaging in:
cooperative play
solitary play
parallel play
associative play

7. Four groups of children were given peronsality tests to determine if family size affected emotional adjustment. The first group was composed of children from one-child families, the second of children with one sibling, the third of children with two siblings, and the fourth of children with three or more siblings. This is an example of a:
co-twin study
cross-cultural study
longitudinal study
cross-sectional study

8. The development of guilt reactions is most highly affected by:
the method of punishment used by the parent
the amount of separation anxiety a child shows.
when a child was weaned
adopting the sex role of the parent of the same sex as the child

9. Baby ducklings were allowed to mingle with adult turkeys for a period after birth. The ducks began to follow the turkeys everywhere. This is an example of:
spontaneous recovery
chromosomal aberration
none of these

10. Christine has begun to demonstrate that she understand the basic concepts of space, number, and length. Which stage in cognitive develoment is illustrated by this behavior?
Concrete operations
Formal operations

11. In what order do children learn the parts of speech?
Verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs,pronouse
Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, pronouns
Nouns, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, verbs
Verbs, pronouns, adjectives and adverbs, nouns

12. In comparison with the behavior of lower animals, human behavior shows:
fewer instinct-controlled respnse patterns.
more predictable and consistent patterns of behavior
less dependence upon learning
none of these

13. Which of the following is the neonatal reflex in wich the toes flare in response to a tickle on the sole of the foot?

14. Movies showing a child beating up a doll have been used to study aggressive behavior. In general, the findings are:
such films tend to discharge pent-up feelings in those who view them.
children are more likely to be aggressive after viewing such a film.
children who view such a film become passive out of fear of being punished like the doll in the film.
none of the above

15. If an infant receives too little affection early in life, he will tend to exhibit:
increased physical health
abnormal talkativeness
abnormal social behavior
higher intelligence

16. Which of these requires an adjustment the infant must made at birth?
Imprinting on the parents
Excreting his own wastes
Loving his parents
Adjusting his eyes to the light

17. In a study to determine the effects of patterns of toilet training on emotional stability in later life, American adolescents who had been trained at between one and two years of age were compared with Micronesian adolescents who had been untrained until the age of four. This is an example of which kind of study?

18. Experiments that support practical application of developmental stage theories have been criticized on several points. Whicih of these is a such a criticism?
Association is important in vocalization
the method of punishment used by the parent usually affects the growth of a child
Toilet training that is too early and too harsh can cause the child to be a poor conserver by the age of five.
Educators have often failed to recognize the need to build on the behaviors that a young child brings to the learning experience with him.

19. If a mother carries two dominant genes for a trait and a father carries one recessive gene and one dominant gene for the same trait, the offspring will express:
the dominant gene
the recessive gene
another trait entirely
none of these

20. A reflex action may be defined as:
a pattern of rsponses that becomes established during a critical period of life and is thereafter unmodifiable.
a learned system of ideas
an unlearned pattern of responses largely under the control of a specific stimulus
none of these