Getting Started

Psy 200 (Online)

Be sure to read the Brief Description and the syllabus carefully before starting.

  1. Click on "Unit 1" on the course web page. Up will come a list of the Modules (sub parts) of Unit 1. There are three Modules in Unit 1. In later units, there are 5 or 6 Modules. Click on Module 1 and start reading.
  1. Use the questions at the beginning as a guide to what is important. Read the text and take notes.
  1. Take the Progress Check at the end of Module 1. Then click on the "key" to score yourself. There is one key for all the progress checks in the unit. Reread the text for those items which you missed.
  1. Next, do the Exercises. The key to those is at the bottom. (Don't peek ahead of time).
  1. Then, do Progress Check 2 and again, score yourself..
  1. Now, continue to Module 2 and Module 3. Do the same steps as 2 through 5 above.
  1. When you have finished all the modules, take the Unit Test without using any notes or looking at the text. You will find the test on Ilearn ( They are multiple choice questions; there is only one right answer. It occasionally provides some feedback. But it's important for you to return to the reading and discover why the correct answer is keyed the way it is.
  1. If you have conscientiously done all the progress checks and exercises, you should get about 90% right on the Unit Test. If you wish to learn more, or if you don't master (get 90%) on the Unit Test, then email me and request another form, which will be sent via email. Return your answers promptly to me, I will score and let you know the results. If scoring is delayed,. go on to the next unit and work on that one.
  1. Mastery of unit tests is required to insure that you do well on the final (your course grade). Because forgetting will set in, getting less than 80% will likely mean poor performance on the final. Using notes, the text, or looking at the exam ahead of time will only fool you into thinking you will do well on the final. The only reason why students should get less than a C or fail the course, is because they are not conscientious in taking all the progress checks, exercises, and mastering the electronic tests. The course grade is based on the highest score of the forms of the final taken under controlled conditions on campus.

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August 7, 2007