August 6, 2007

Dear Psy 200 students:

Welcome to my online courses. In my courses, you can begin as soon as you like. You can start the course now, and get ahead, and finish the course early, if you like!!! But you may not go slower than one unit per week.

COURSE CLOSED? My courses may be full. I will add more but only from the wait list and not after the first week of classes.

DIFFICULT COURSES: Psy 200 is dificult! It requires 9-10 hours of study a week. That is the usual and expected class and study time required for any 3 unit course. Many students mistakenly think that an online course will be easy, but that is not true. Students may be dropped if they do not master the units by the dates indicated. But it is the student's responsibility to "drop" the course before the drop deadline of Sept. 24 to avoid a failing grade in the course.

GRADING: The syllabus has information on grading. Grade is based on final comprehensive exam, after units are mastered. The final exam will be given on Wednesday afternoons during office hours.

CONTACT WITH INSTRUCTOR: There will be no orientation meeting. Most students know how to read, get on the web, and often start before the semester begins. The only required meeting is the final comprehensive exam available only on Wednesday afternoons. Please use email, not voice mail, to contact me. With over 100 students I may not answer promptly. Please write me again in a couple days, if you get no response. I will also be available during my office hours Wednesday afternoons for those needing help.

PLEASE NOTE: Email messages must be as follows: Subject line: "200 - Your Last Name - Topic" (e.g. "200 - Smith - problem with Unit 4"). With many student inquiries, some with strange account names, spam, etc. I need to be able to accurately find and file messages .

PERSONAL EMAIL ACCOUNTS: You must have a SFSU account. Instructors use that account to send messages to the class. When writing to me or working on the course, you may use any account you have. But you are responsible for linking your SFSU account to another account, like Hotmail. Responding to Hotmail and AOL, etc. messages sometimes get returned because of quota problems, unpaid bills, etc.

HOW TO START: Most all the information including the text is on my web pages. You can find that from Blackboard of by typing in my name "Ronald Mayer" in the "search" box for SFSU or GOOGLE. My "welcome page" usually comes up at the top. Or, go directly to the Psy 200 web page: Then check out the "brief description", "getting started," syllabus," links etc. You may start the course right now. The text, workbook, quizzes are all there. Nothing is required from the Bookstore. Good luck! August 6, 2007