Psy 200 - Online


August 8, 2007 -- Required work per week
            Please remember -- in college, any three unit course requires about 10 hours of work per week (3 hours in class and 6 hours of study and preparation), and of course time getting to and from the classroom. That is the amount of time necessary for this course. You must complete one unit per week (or more), to keep on schedule and maintain enrollment. Each unit will take 9-10 hours or more work. Many students, unfortunately, try to take too many courses while working. Taking more than three courses while working at a job 20 hours per week adds up to over 50 hours per week -- more than one can handle successfully. Be careful not to overschedule yourself!

August 7, 2007 -- Starting the course
            Be sure to read the "Getting Started" and "Brief Desription" links, as well as the "Syllabus." The electronic ILearn test on the first unit is due Aug. 31, but of course you can start early and work ahead. It is a very short unit (just 3 modules) and will give you an idea about how the course works. All subsequent units are twice as long (6 or more units) and will require twice the amount of work.

August 6, 2007 - ILearn
            I'm using "ILearn" for the unit tests and for some announcements. You will need your SFSU account number and password to log in. When you log in, you will find all the courses for which you are registered listed. You can then play around and find out what's inside each one. Good luck. ILearn is found at the Ilearn web site.

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