Travel Itinerary


See Program Schedules for detailed dates and locations of departure and return of your flight.

Date and Location of Departure: May 29th, 2009, Friday from San Francisco International Airport

Date and Location of Arrival:  May 30th, 2009, Saturday at Beijing International Airport; The program will provide airport pickup for all participants.

Date and Location of Instruction: June 1, Monday - June 19, Friday, 2009 on PKU campus

Dates and Destinations of Travel Week: June 21, 2009, Sunday - depart from Beijing to Xian, Guilin, Shanghai.

6/21 Beijing - Xian
6/22 Xian
6/23 Xian - Guilin
6/24 Guilin - Yanhshuo
6/25 Yangshuo - Guilin - Shanghai
6/26 Shanghai
6/27 Shanghai - Beijing - San Francisco

Date and Location of Return: June 28, 2008, Beijing International Airport.