Program Schedules

Program Days: May 29 - June 19 (weeks of instruction) and June 21-27 (travel week)

Departure from SFO on May 29, Friday, and arrive at Beijing international airport on May 30, Saturday. The class begins on June 1, Monday. The date of return should be June 27.  Below is more specific information:

May 29th, Friday, 2:50pm, Air China CA 986, depart from SFO to Beijing, and arrive at Beijing international airport on May 30th, Saturday, 5:50pm.  (The class of instruction begins Monday 8:30am , June 1, 2009).

 May 31st, (Saturday), opening ceremony, campus tour, get to know whereabouts, and free time!

June 1st, Monday, class begins!

June  27th, Saturday, 11:00pm, Air China, CA 985 depart from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, stop at Beijing International airport, and arrive at SFO, 12:40pm, June 27th, Saturday (when you flight back, you gain one day; when you flight over to China, you loss one day).

Time of instructions: 8:30-11:30am Monday - Friday (June 1-19) at Peking University

Excursions: Weekday afternoons and weekends in and out of Beijing
* Great Wall
* Temple of Heaven
* Tiananmen Square & The Forbidden City
* Beijing hutongs
* Summer Palace & Yuan Ming Yuan
* Peking Opera
* Chinese Acrobatics

Field trips: Weekday afternoons
* Governmental, non-governmental, business, and cultural organizations

Travel week: Final week of June
Destinations: Xi'an, Guilin, Shanghai

When Marco Polo traveled through China in the 13th century, he discovered a civilization that had already existed for thousands of years. China's historical treasures are as impressive today - from Beijing's magnificent Forbidden City to the incredible Great Wall, and from the thousands of Terracotta Warriors still standing guard in Xi'an to the mystical vistas of Guilin's Li River landscape and the modern metropolises of Shanghai and Guangzhou, you are starting to get the picture of what awaits you on a journey through this incredible country.