Program Fee (Summer 2009)

The estimated cost includes 3 weeks lectures and 1 week tour in China. The Program might have to adjust fees due to possible changes in Chinese-U.S. foreign currency exchange rate. The students pay the PKU program fee and the travel fee separately from the CEL registration fee. Please read the explanations below.

DEADLINE: DECEMBRE 30, 2008 (extended to 1/30/09)
Considering possible impact of Chinese currency appreciation against USD, we must begin the travel arrangements as early as possible. December 30, 2008 would be the last day for receiving registration and program fees in order to have you enrolled into this program. However, we may consider the late registration after the due date if we are able to make the travel arrangements at the same estimated program cost. That is to say, we may continue to enroll students until we are unable to make the arrangements at the estimated program cost or no more space for enrollment.
Registration and program fees are direct costs of registration and program charged uniformly to all students)  
1. CEL Registration Fees and Risk Insurance (you should pay Item 1 to SFSU-CEL while Item 2-4 separately to Peking University and the travel agency, see notes for explanations)
            $825 for 3 units @ $275 per unit
               $100 for Risk Insurance


2. PKU Instructional and Administration Fees
            Including instructional and administration cost, field trips and activity-related transportation in Beijing
3. PKU Hotel
            $45 per day x 21 day
               Room rate is subject to change
4. International airfare and China domestic travel package for the final week of June, 21-27) $1,900
     Including international airfare, all domestic airfare, hotels, meals, ground transportation, and tour guide to Xi'an, Guilin, Shanghai. The program director, Dr. Guo, will accompany and lead the group to all destinations until the group's departure from China.   
Total: $4,659
Check payments:
* CEL registration form with payment to SFSU-CEL: $825
* A separate check for travel insurance payable to SFSU-CEL:  $100
* A separate check for the PKU program fee payable to Peking University: $1,834
* A separate check for international airfare and travel week payable to  Journey to the West: $1900  

See explanations below

Notes: The Summer Study Program Fees (Items 2-4) includes PKU instructional and administration cost, hotel room at PKU, airport pickup, cultural activities, local excursions, field trips, international airfare, travel week cost (domestic flights, hotels, meals, and tour bus).

Students should send all the above checks and all registration forms to Dr. Sujian Guo at the following address: 

Professor Sujian Guo (BSS-PKU)

1600 Holloway Ave. HSS 263
San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA 94132

PASSPORT AND VISA: Students must hold valid passports with at least 6 months validity and apply for Chinese visa at least 2 weeks in advance -- a tourist visa (L) or business visa (“F”) for students studying for a short term or less that 6 months. The tourist visa does not require an invitation letter from the host university, while the business visa does. It would be more convenient to apply for a tourist visa (L) for such a short term study in China. To obtain your China contact information for the application form and further advice, please contact program director, Professor Sujian Guo at