Program Details

Program Descriptions and Features

A. Dates of Study

The program will be conducted in the first three weeks of June (6/1-19) at Peking University and sightseeing in and around Beijing. The program will end with an extended cultural tour of Northern and Southern China in the fourth week of June (6/21-27). The proposed destinations are Xi'an, Guilin, and Shanghai, a great blend of China's historical and cultural attractions, stunning scenery, and modern metropolises. The program director, Dr. Guo, will accompany and lead the group to all destinations until the group's departure from China .

B. Class size (student and faculty)

Program is designed to accept 14-24 students for classes taught by SIS-PKU professors. Students will register their courses with CEL at SFSU. CEL is responsible for registration and credit transfer. Dr. Sujian Guo, when he leads the trip or any professor who leads the trip, should function as the group’s lead instructor, interpreter and organizer.

C. Structure and Topics of Instruction

The program will be conducted in combining with a maximum of THREE semester hours of credit.  Examples of courses include, but are not limited to, China in global politics, Chinese Foreign Policy, Chinese Overseas Cultural Exchange, Chinese International Cooperation, Sino-US relations, China’s major power relations, Chinese civilization and culture (including Tai Chi or martial arts, Chinese Calligraphy, and Chinese painting), and comparative studies on a selected topic.

Regular classes will meet in morning sessions on Monday through Friday from 8:30 – 11:30. These classes taught by SIS-PKU professors and lead professor of SFSU. Student class performance will be evaluated by professors who teach the classes. Afternoons will be used for group tours, guided projects, field observations, institutional visits, cultural enrichments and other activities related to the courses.  Students are required to write a journal to record and reflect their daily learning experience.

D. Field Trips, Cultural Enrichment, and Excursions

At least six local field trips will be arranged to visit a city government, a financial institution, a business corporation, a NGO, a court, and a police agency. Two weekend excursions will be planned to visit the surrounding areas of Beijing . Group meetings with SIS-PKU students and faculty discussing Chinese and American cultures and US-China related topics will be arranged as one of the student’s main exchange activities.  One or two SIS-PKU students will be selected and designated as cultural ambassadors to assist American students.