Passport and Visa

Students must hold valid passports with at least 6 months validity and apply for Chinese visa at least 2 weeks in advance -- a tourist visa (L) or business visa (“F”) for students studying for a short term or less that 6 months. The tourist visa does not require an invitation letter from the host university, while the business visa does. It would be more convenient to apply for a tourist visa (L) for such a short term study in China. We could take Beijing as part of travel destinations in China and cultural exchange. To obtain your China contact information for application form and further advice when you fill up the visa application form, please contact program director, Professor Sujian Guo at

It is advised you do not apply for the visa too early or your visa may get expired before your trip. The visa is valid for three months. You can apply just one month (April) or two weeks prior to your departure.  After you submit your registration, please contact Professor Guo for the Chinese contact information you will need for the visa application form.