Summer Study Program at Peking University
Chinese Foreign Policy and Culture (BSS/IR/PLSI 630)
Program Dates: May 29 - June 27, 2009 / 3 Credit Earned / No Prior Chinese Required

2008 PKU Summer Program Photos and Student Testimonies

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Four-week summer study in China focusing on Chinese foreign policy, Chinese culture, and US-China relations. Morning lectures taught in English by professors at Peking University, a leading university in China, and afternoon field trips to governmental, non-governmental, and business organizations in Beijing, a city rich in cultural attractions; a magnificent cultural tour of other areas in China during final week.  

Open to all through the College of Extended Learning (CEL). University credit earned (3 units). Credit earned can be used toward your major's elective requirements at SFSU or transferred to your home institutions if you are not SFSU students (please seek advice with your major advisor).  To register, please go to Program Registration on the left navigation bar.

Master Catalog Numbers: BSS 0630: 33800; IR 0630: 33801; PLSI 0630: 33802. You need to choose a prefix, either IR 630, PLSI 630 or BSS 630. To register, please click on Program Registration on the left navigation bar.

If you have any question, please contact the program director, Dr. Sujian Guo, at

This summer study program is a joint partnership with Peking University School of International Studies. For 4 weeks, students will not only study Chinese foreign policy and culture but also take a magnificent and eye opening tour of China. No matter what your major is or what you have planned for the future, we invite you to join our China summer study program that will enhance your understanding of the many unique facets of China and prepare you for their future career development in foreign policy areas and international organizations concerning China