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What is the Pacific Asian Studies Minor?

Pacific Asia refers to the regions of Asia bordering the Pacific Ocean, including East and Southeast Asia. The Pacific Asian Studies Minor is a multidisciplinary program designed to introduce undergraduate students to the exuberantly rich and diverse cultures of East and Southeast Asia, their inter-regional relations, and their relations with the rest of the world.

Why learn about Pacific Asian Studies?

Historically, East Asia has been under strong influences of Confucianism and Mahayana Buddhism, while Southeast Asia has been under strong influences of Islam and Theravada Buddhism. Diversity seems to be more characteristic than commonality in describing the cultures and societies of East and Southeast Asia. But East and Southeast Asia can be regarded as a meaningful unit of global studies when we consider the two regions’ commercial, cultural, and diplomatic interactions, as well as their common experiences with Western and Japanese imperialism. In the twenty-first century, an economic community that connects East and Southeast Asia has been taking shape with marked Chinese initiatives, making these two regions more closely integrated than ever. In what some are now calling the Asian century, the rising tide of immigration of people from Pacific Asia into the United States, the rapidly increasing trade and financial transfers with nations of the Pacific Rim, and the growing attention to Asian arts, literature, philosophy, medicine, environment, and human rights signal the need to study Pacific Asia in earnest. At a time when this part of the world has become ever more important to Americans, the minor serves the need to gain better understanding of the complex Asian scene by offering an inviting opportunity for students to develop career and life-enhancing academic experiences at the university.

Who should declare a minor Pacific Asian Studies?

Those seeking a broader understanding of East and Southeast Asia than their major discipline offers should declare a minor in Pacific Asian Studies. The Minor will be useful to students interested in pursuing further study at the graduate level as well as those planning careers in education, foreign services, international organizations, overseas corporations, and banking. Participants in the Study Abroad program at SFSU are welcomed to join the Pacific Asian Studies and bring their Asian experiences to the SFSU classrooms.

How many courses do I need to take for the Pacific Asian Studies Minor?

The curriculum of Pacific Asian Studies Minor program consists of a core of 12-15 units, plus 9 units of electives, totaling 21-24 units. Not more than 9 units may be transferred from other campuses; no more than 6 units can be taken on a CR/NC basis.

Students considering the minor are advised to consult with a Pacific Asian Studies faculty member in order to create an individualized plan that will take into account the student’s specific interests as well as to develop a strategy for taking courses to ensure timely completion of the minor. Students planning to take courses other than those listed in the curriculum are required to get prior approval of the program director.

How do I find out more?

For additional information or advising, contact:
Pi-Ching Hsu
Science 265A
(415) 338-7536
Fall 2007 Office Hours: by appointment only



Pacific Asian Studies
Pi-Ching Hsu
Department of History
Office: SCI 265A
Tel:(415) 338 7536

Last updated April 29, 2008