We are botanists. Our primary interests are systematic relationships among species within genera. Specifically we are focusing on genera of Polemoniaceae and Hydrophyllaceae (i.e., the hydrophylloid Boraginaceae). In this pursuit we maintain collaborative relationships with other labs who also focus on these groups. Polemoniaceae and Hydrophyllaceae have their centers of diversity in western North America, and are prime examples of arrays of evolutionary patterns — species-rich vs species-poor genera; rare vs widespread taxa; varying reproductive and ecological modes. We are centered on reconstructing phylogenies, using whatever data yield interesting results. Because many species of polemons and hydrophylls are sensitive/rare/endangered, we are also interested in conservation issues, particularly those dealing with the flora of California. Visit the web site of the individual lab members for more information about specific projects.

Leptosiphon acicularis

Linanthus maculatusPhacelia crenulata