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The Harry D. Thiers Herbarium at San Francisco State University maintains over 113,ooo specimens:

Fungi — 57,370, including over 300 type collections
Lichens — 18,209
Bryophytes — 5,570
Vascular plants — 26,9894
Algae — 4.888

Its primary research focus is mycological. Most of the early collections were made by Harry Thiers and his students, and later by Dennis Desjardin and his students. Specialties include fleshy fungi of North America, Hawai'i, Indonesia, and southeast Asia; California lichens, bryophytes, and flowering plants, with an exceptionally large collection of Arctostaphylos.

The vascular plant component is principally a teaching collection (we defer to our neighbors at the California Academy of Sciences for a nice vascular research collection).

The herbarium was established in 1959 as the SFSU Herbarium, and was renamed the HDT Herbarium following Harry's retirement in 1989.

The HDT Herbarium is located in Hensill Hall room 429, and is also home to the systematic botany and mycology graduate students. Herbarium cases are on compactors for efficient use of space.

The Herbarium is open by appointment only, so please contact us before coming to visit SFSU. Loans of specimens are available through registered herbaria upon request.

HDT Herbarium