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PI: Associate Professor Sally G Pasion
Department of Biology
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94132
tel: 415-405-0736 (office) 5-0751 (lab)
e-mail: pasion(at)sfsu(dot)edu

Fall 2020

Office Hours Thursdays, 3:30pm - 5:30pm



Office Hours are first come, first served - drop in. On Zoom, you will first be in a "waiting room" and individuals will meet with advisor one at a time. Please be patient.

Please see this web page for useful Biology Advising information: Undergraduate Advising information for Biology Majors
General Biology Advising only for
CURRENT advisees--NEW GENERAL BIOLOGY advisees should consult the Department of Biology Office and to find an alternate General Biology Advisor.

For advising, please make sure that you
•STOP at the Department of Biology Office HH534
DOWNLOAD the Biology Advising Checklist (click here to download) BEFORE you visit
•BRING all the required paperwork indicated in the Checklist for your meeting

Students must be prepared for the advising appointment:
Go to the
Biology Advising web page:

Go to the General Biology Advising web page:
Student must bring ALL paperwork (Biology Advising Checklist, SFSU unofficial transcripts, DARS/ASE/Degree Progress Report, supporting documents from transfer campuses, forms) to the meeting

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Gould, K.L., Burns, C.G., Feoktistova, A., Hu, C.P., Pasion, S.G., and Forsburg, S.L. (1998) Fission yeast cdc24(+) encodes a novel replication factor required for chromosome integrity. Genetics 149:1221-1233.
Sherman, D. A., Pasion, S. G., and Forsburg, S. L. (1998). Multiple domains of fission yeast Cdc19p (MCM2) are required for association with the core MCM complex. Mol. Biol. Cell 9:1833-1845.
Pasion , S. G. and Forsburg, S.L. (1999). Nuclear localization of fission yeast Mcm2/Cdc19p requires MCM complex formation. Mol. Biol. Cell 10: 4043-4057.
Pasion, S.G., Gómez, E.B., and Forsburg, S.L. (2000) Dynamic chromosomes. Genome Biology 1:4020.1-4020.3.
Pasion, S.G. and Forsburg, S.L. (2001). Deconstructing a conserved protein family: the role of MCM proteins in eukaryotic DNA replication. In: Genetic Engineering, Principles and Methods, vol. 23. J. K. Setlow, ed. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Press, Genet Eng (N Y). 2001;23:129-155.

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FALL 2020

Biol 355 Genetics - [Mon, Wed ] ONLINE by ZOOM

Biol 355-01 9:30am - 10:45a

Biol 355-02 12:30pm - 1:45pm

The prerequisite courses for Biol 355 are completion of Biol 230 & 240 (1st year majors introductory biology) and Chem 130 OR Chem 233 (General Organic Chemistry, or Organic Chemistry I, respectively), each with a grade of C- or better. The prerequisites ARE STRICTLY enforced. (Note that the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department requires a C or better in all prerequisite courses, if you are planning to take Chem 335 Organic Chem II, or Biochemistry, or any other course that requires Organic Chemistry) 


Biol 743 Cell and Molecular Techniques - [Tue, Thu] ONLINE by ZOOM Biol 743-01 11:00am - 12:15pm 

 The course involves lecture and discussion of modern techniques and design of strategies used in cell and molecular biology research. Includes discussion of societal issues. The prerequisites for this GRADUATE course are graduate status, completion of Biol 357, Chem 340, and Chem 341 (or their equivalent) with a grade of C- or better, and consent of instructor. The prerequisites will be enforced. Biology graduate students will have priority for enrollment. Note that concurrent enrollment in Biol 357 may be allowed with instructor approval. Undergraduates will be allowed to enroll/remain enrolled in the course only after all graduate students have enrolled in the course. Successful registration (touch-tone) in Biol 743 is not a guarantee of enrollment--successful completion of the prerequisites must be confirmed.

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Department of Biology home page
Biology Advising Web page
General Biology, Minor in Biology, and Single Subject Credential Advising
Policy on requesting Letters of Recommendation
SFSU Library Online Journals (Cell, Molecular, and Microbiology-related)
Meetings List (targeted for Pasion lab members)
SFSU Colloquium (Biology 871)

Forsburg lab pombe pages
Sanger center pombe genome project 

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Fall 2019 and Spring 2020: Jiayu Luo, Amy Tran, Ntsaum Vang

Summer 2015 Lab Photo  Spring 2018 Lab Photo
photo soon!
photo soon!
Janell Garcia - Undergraduate student
Ntsaum Vang - Masters student
photo soon!
photo soon!
Kanika Sethi - Undergraduate student
Jiayu Luo - Masters student
photo soon!
Marakee Tilahun - Undergraduate student
Spring 2012 Lab Photo


Previous Lab Members:
Vanessa Aguilera  (B.S. SF State, M.S. SF State, now at Clover Health)
Masae Ahmann (graduate student, currently SF State MS student)
Mattelin Bautista (Bridges Summer Student
Dennis Bua (M.S. SF State, Ph.D. and postdoc Stanford)
Berenice Cabrera (B.S. SF State)
Janis Cabuhat (B.S. SF State, currently at Genentech)
Joni Castro (SF State graduate student)
Jessica Chan (B.S. SF State)
Shani Chapman (M.S. SF State)
Johnny Chavez (M.S. SF State)
Laura Cochrane (Research Technician, SF State graduate student)
Sheire Coleman (B.S.)

Noel Cruz-Pacheco (M.S. SF State, currently Research Associate at UCSF)
Amy Dhirapong (graduate student, Ph.D. UC Davis)
Letizia Diamante (Visiting International Scholar; MS, Univ. of Pavia; currently University of Cambridge Ph.D. student)
Gemma Estrada Girona (M.S. SF State, currently Research Technician at EMBL)
Gabriela Flores - (B.S. SF State)
Gabe Getchell - (B.S. SF State)
Brenna Gibson (B.S. and M.S. SF State, Research Associate, Hampton Creek)
Kadra Gulaid (B.S. SF State, MPH UC Berkeley)
Marwa Hararah (B.S. SF State)
Mela Hardin (M.A. in Mathematics, SF State, currently Ph.D. student at Arizona State)

Sally Hutchinson (B.S. SF State)
Ugochi Ikeme (B.S. SF State)
Ryan Kendle (graduate student, M.D.-Ph.D. Drexel University )

Lorl Lee (Project SEED intern)
Philbert Lee (high school student intern, B.S. UCSC, M.S. SF State, currently Ph.D. student at University of Chicago)

Lisa Liang (Project SEED intern, B.S. Environmental Toxicology, UC Davis)
Alice Liu (high school student intern)
Alice Liu (high school student intern)
Anthony Xavier Lopez (B.S. SF State, M.S. SF State, currently teaching at LA Valley College & El Camino College)

Eduardo Lujan (B.S. SF State, M.S. SF State, currently Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley)
Elizabeth Mazza (B.S. SF State)
Jennifer Menjivar (B.S. SF State, currently MD student at David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA )
Mehnaz Malek (graduate student, currently at Celgene)
Garima Mital (M.S. SF State, currently at Genentech)

Ariff Moolla (B.A. in Mathematics, B.S. in Cell & Molecular Biology SF State, graduate student at Touro University)
Bichloan Nguyen (B.S. and M.S. SF State)
Erica Pederson  (Research Associate at UC Berkeley)
J. Michelle Pierce (Bridges Summer student, B.S. Arizona State, currently at SF Department of the Environment)

Justine Jenny Ramos (B.S. SF State, currently at biotech start-up OCGene)
Terry Reyes (B.S. SF State, Ph.D. Stanford University, currently at Genencor)
Nainoa Richardson (B.S. and M.S. SF State, currently Ph.D. student at University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis (UNS) Institute of Biology Valrose (iBV))
Leonel Santibañez Vargas (Bridges Summer student, B.S. UC Riverside)

Iqbal Thabet (SF State graduate student)
Herlinda Tin (Bridges Summer student, B.A. in Psychology, UC Riverside; M.A. Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology)
Anna Marie Tuazon (M.S. SF State, currently Ph.D. student, UC Davis)
Cherryl Valenzuela (Bridges Summer student
Laura Wazna-Blank (B.S. SF State)
Ivan Zamora (SF State graduate student, Impossible Food Inc.)


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