Are you interested in research in the Parker Lab?

Visit San Francisco State University's Graduate Program Web Site for more general information:

Graduate students
I’m interested in students who wish to pursue research on plant community ecology focusing on some aspect of community dynamics. I’m also interested in students with an evolutionary perspective who might develop evolutionary or ecological projects with Arctostaphylos or Ceanothus species.

The perfect applicants will be motivated to be a biologist working principally with plants in the field. They will have an interest in what I do, some research experience, and good grades and test scores. For me, interest and motivation are the most important.

If you’re interested in working in my lab, I encourage you to contact me directly to discuss your interest before applying through the university.

Undergraduate students
I usually support 1 or 2 undergraduates in my lab as research assistants, and also have room for 1 or 2 to do independent research projects. You might check to see if there is UMEB or UMB positions available; these are undergraduate research support using grant money provided by NSF. They are usually advertised in the middle of the spring semester.

If you're interested in applying with Tom, please email him directly at: