Research in this lab focuses on questions related to short and long-term community dynamics.

Current topics include:

1) ecology and evolution in Arctostaphylos (Ericaceae), and ecological evolutionary impacts such as the influence of seed size on the density of seeds in long-term persistent seed banks, ecological significance of leaf morphology.

2) the effect of climate change on tidal wetlands in the San Francisco Bay-Delta estuary, coastal scrub and other systems.

3) Mutualisms: These mostly include aspects of dispersal and mycorrhizae.

4) conceptual approaches to how ecological systems work


tidal channel

Current graduate students

Former graduate students


See both publications and current and past graduate students to get a overall view of the lab's approach. As questions arise, such as the role of mycorrhizae in plant establishment in chaparral or the importance of dispersal mechanisms in community structure and dynamics, we have pursued or will pursue those issues.