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Chapter 3 – Urban planning applications of GIS in local government

Chapter 3 shows how local government agencies and nonprofits can benefit from GIS analysis to carry out their functions. Examples featured in this chapter are at the forefront of innovative applications of GIS. The municipality of Rio de Janeiro’s use of GIS to analyze favela settlements and social conditions of favelados with census data is a noteworthy use of GIS in a developing country setting. The use of GIS by the French regional planning agency IUARIF to document spatial concentrations of different immigrant groups in the Paris metropolitan region is an exemplary application from Europe. The use of GIS to analyze neighborhood-serving parks in San Francisco’s downtown neighborhoods by the San Francisco Planning Department is strong in its analytical use of buffering with GIS. The analytical use of GIS by GreenInfo Network to inform policy making is another outstanding application. All together these examples demonstrate that urban planners worldwide are using GIS in novel ways to address unique local planning and management challenges.