Nina S. Roberts, Ph.D. Professor ~ Department of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Fulbright Scholar, Senior Researcher, India

Indo-American Environmental Leadership Program

Trainings and Workshops

"Facilitation for a safe haven" - Valley of the Moon Children's Center. Staff development training series. May 30th & June 13th, 2018. Co-facilitator, Lara Mendel, Executive Director/Co-Founder, The Mosaic Project | Consulting (Santa Rosa, CA).

"Metrics and evaluation for program improvement: Establishing common ground and building capacity" - Outdoors Empowered Network, National Summit for Member Affiliates. Nov 7, 2014 (Oakland) and Nov 6, 2015 (San Francisco).

“America Today versus the America of Tomorrow: Keeping Pace with Demographic changes. ”U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ~ Advanced Refuge Management Academy. August 2010 and August 2011.  Friends Academy, 2012. National Conservation Training Center, Shepherdstown, West Virginia.


"Culture and competency: Diversity in Action" Yosemite Institute. . Half-day training for field science educators. Yosemite National Park. January 7, 2010 (Co-facilitator: Priscilla McKenney, former Program Director, GirlVentures).


"Building cultural competencies for land managers".  Presentation and workshop.  National Park Service Intermountain Region Training. Sponsored by the NPS/IMR Relevance and Diversity Executive Steering Committee. November 4, 2009.


"Exploring dimensions of diversity and culture: Tips and tools for enhancing outdoor leadership." Outdoor Action Program, Princeton University. Sept 2-3, 2009. (Co-facilitator: Elaine Hatala, Consultant & Trainer, NJ).


"Diversity in Action." Headlands Institute. . Half-day training for field science educators. Marin Headlands/NatureBridge. January 6, 2009. (Co-facilitator, Lara Mendel, The Mosaic Project)..


“Outreach Programming to Diverse Audiences”.  Association of Partners for Public Lands. All-day pre-conference workshop. Portland, OR. March 6, 2005. (Co-facilitators: Bill Gwaltney, National Park Service, Intermountain Region and Marco Bonta, Center for Diversity and the Environment).


“Attitudes, Perceptions, and Experiences across Cultures: Rocky Mountain National Park, A Case Study.”  US Army Corps of Engineers, Estes Park, CO.  October 2001.  3-day workshop on Ethnic Minority Recreation.


“Diversity in Action.”  Baltimore Yearly Meeting Camping Program.  Four camps; 2-day staff training; June 2001.  Camp Catoctin, MD.  (Co-facilitator: Sky Gray, Santa Fe Mountain Center).


“Diversity in Action.”  One-day diversity training provided to One Great River (drug and alcohol prevention program, and outdoor education for youth).  May 1999.  Shreveport, LA.

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"Our leadership in the area of youth empowerment was felt and reflected in your presence.  Your stories and sharings were woven with wisdom and insight.  I was appreciative of the way you skillfully navigated the sensitive topics of difference with acceptance, humor, and authenticity.   As a mixed raced bisexual bicultural woman of color, the topic of cultural relevancy in the context of our work is close to me.

One of the sisters there shared the thoughts of some youth of color around the desire to see  ourselves in our leaders, teachers, and facilitators.  I know I have felt that same longing for folks who look like me and more importantly understand my experience to lead me down communal paths of transformation.   I am inspired by you, a mixed race sister, and I thank you for paving ways for the future generations of leaders to march, dance, and climb.  I hope I have the pleasure of sharing space with you again someday, you are brilliant."

~ Salina Espinosa-Setchko


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