Nina S. Roberts, Ph.D. Professor ~ Department of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism

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Fulbright Scholar, Senior Researcher, India

Indo-American Environmental Leadership Program

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Staff/Professional Development, Organizational Assessment, and Experiential Learning

Sample Training Modules and Topics for Consideration:

  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, relevance
  • Cultural competency and social justice
  • Social groups and status
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Strategies for being an effective ally
  • Oppression and privilege
  • Diversity and risk management
  • Assessments for creating change
  • Recruitment & retention of diverse staff
  • Critical look at clinical incidents
  • Leadership development
  • Youth development and working with urban youth

What others are saying about us!
"Thank you! Well tailored to the group and respectful of where we are..."

"This is the first real comprehensive workshop I've been to addressing racism and discrimination. Something I've needed for a long time. Everyone needs something like this! Great job!"

"I received knowledge and understanding that I have only just begun to figure out..."

"I value the sensitivity and preparation that went into this training and the way everything was structured and accessible to people who are in very different places."

"The honesty and genuine manner which you displayed, and how you entered our community with openness and kindness was incredible."

"I value your calm approach, your honesty and thoroughness, your personal stories and experiences, your dedication to this work, the statistics and demographics, the mixture of activity, listening, doing, talking..."

"You did a fantastic job! Learning about our community helped but your positions from outside is what made it work so well..."

"I received a very thorough and vibrantly moving experience -- most definitely better than I expected!"

"I really appreciate the wisdom, knowledge, perspective, resources, values and energy you both brought to our conversation - a great success….”

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