Nina S. Roberts, Ph.D. Professor ~ Department of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism

Image: Photos of SF State students and scenes from around campus

Fulbright Scholar, Senior Researcher, India

Indo-American Environmental Leadership Program


Outdoor programming and leadership, adventure education, youth development, recreation land management, wilderness studies, evaluation methods and techniques, race/culture, and gender issues.


Research & Evaluation

Lower Cost Coastal Accommodations Program. AB250 (Apr-Sept. 2018). Final Report
Support the CA Coastal Conservancy, Coastal Commission, & CA State Parks to prepare a lower cost coastal accommodations assessment containing specified information relating to specific opportunities to improve existing, and generate new, lower cost coastal accommodations.
Research Associates: Audree Jones-Taylor, President & Principle Consultant, ‎Simply Re-Creating Enterprise, & Dr. Paige Viren, Assistant Professor, SFSU Dept. Recreation, Parks, & Tourism
Research Assistant, Lindsey Marsh

San Mateo County Parks Department
- Visitor Use/Non-Use Study (2015-16)
Final Report | Project intro sheet | Literature Review | Press Release
Research Associates, Ruby Turalba, MPH, Lecturer, Health Education Dept. & Dr. Patrick Tierney, Dept of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism
Student Research Assistants
, Ryan Tachibana, Environmental Studies and Lindsey Marsh, Psychology

U.S. Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station - Media & Communications Project in Collaboration with BAYCAT (2013-15)

Project intro sheet: Awakening and Strengthening the Connection of Urban Youth to the Land.
Final Report - June 2015: “Outside Your Door: Young Producers Bridge the Divide between Urban Youth and Public Lands” - (Note: This PDF report is 6MB & includes hyperlinks to external sources. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this report). 
World Premiere of "Outside Your Door" - 13 short videos by youth media producers immersed in this project as they connect with parks and nature through outdoor recreation!
Research Study Process Video (19:51 min) completed by BAYCAT.
Literature Review and Infographic (methodology)
Graduate Research Assistant, Tanvi Sikand, Broadcast Electronic Communication Arts

East Bay Regional Park District,  Youth Engagement Strategy (2014)
Final Strategic Plan
Graduate Research Assistant:  Tanya Rao. Special Consultant:  Dr. Mary Fortune, Dept. of Recreation, Hospitality, & Tourism, CSU/East Bay

Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks (TRIP) Program - "Car-Less CA"  
Work with inter-agency California team of NPS, USFS, BLM, USFWS, and other university partners to address the challenge of increasing vehicular congestion in and around national parks, forests, and other federal lands and increase access for recreational use by underserved communities. Final Report - December 2012


Breaking down cultural & economic barriers to youth participation in the outdoors:  An NPS Collaborative (2011).  Assist inter-agency collaboration comprised of the National Park Service (Yosemite National Park), WildLink/Naturebridge, ARC/UC Berkeley and others  to explore new ways of providing park outreach and engagement programming of underserved and under-resourced communities.  Designed and develop a youth survey to investigate barriers, motivations, & values. (Funded, in part, by the Stewardship Council).Youth & Nature Literature Review, April 2012. Final Report - November 2012.


Empowering Today's Teenagers through Opportunities in the Golden Gate National Parks: A Document Analysis (2009).  Inspiring Young Emerging Leaders, Project WISE, Teens on Trails, LINC, and the Oceana High School Nursery Program. Final Briefing

Graduate Research Assistants: Allison Hughes, Dept of Geography and Steven Rossi, Dept of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism.


Camping at the Presidio:  Exploring the Impacts of an Urban Camping Experience for Underserved Youth (2nd Season, 2008).  An inter-agency partnership: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy & Crissy Field Center, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, The Presidio Trust, and Bay Area Wilderness Training.  Final Report - January 2009

Graduate Research Assistant: Allison Hughes, Department of Geography

Camping at the Presidio:  Exploring the Impacts of an Urban Camping Experience for Underserved Youth (Pilot year, 2007).
Project Highlights (1-pg review) |  Final Report - May 2008 

Graduate Research Assistant: Allison Hughes, Department of Geography


Project WISE:  Watersheds Inspiring Student Education - 2nd year evaluation 
A program of the Crissy Field Center, the Urban Watershed Project, and Galileo Academy of Science and Technology. Final Report - July 2008

Research Assistant: Arjuna Sayyed, Department of Child & Adolescent Development


Project WISE:  Watersheds Inspiring Student Education (year 1)

Final Report - July 2007 | Executive Summary - July 2007 | Project Highlights (1-pg review)

Student Research Assistant: Arjuna Sayyed, Department of Child & Adolescent Development


Non-Visitor Use Constraints Study (NPS) – An Exploration of Issues through Focus Groups Sponsored by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy.

Final Report - March 2007 | Executive Summary - March 2007 | Project Highlights (1-pg)

Graduate Research Assistant: Raphael Crawford-Marks, Recreation, Parks & Tourism


Through the Eyes of Youth: Experience with Programs at the Crissy Field Center (2007)

Sponsored by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy & Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Final Report | Executive Summary | Project Highlights (1-pg)
Graduate Research Assistant: Roman Iacobucci, Dept. of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism

The Impacts of the National Green Corps Program (Eco-clubs) on Students and their Participation in Environmental Education Activities (2006). A Fulbright study funded by the U.S. Educational Foundation in India and the Indo-American Environmental Leadership Program, Final Report. Research Associate:  Sirisha Indukuri


Program Partners and Contracting Agencies

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