ADCh-Bronze,ATCH-IV, A-ChWindmill's Djinn Fizz,  AX, AXJ, CD (better known as "Jinn")  

The English word "genie" comes from the Arabic word for Jinn, sometimes spelled Djinn. In Islam, a jinn is a spirit made from smokeless fire. Sometimes jinns take the form of animals, sometimes people. Sometimes they're good, and sometimes they're bad. This Jinn spent the first five or six years of his life being mostly very good. He waited politely for his dinner while everyone else jumped around in small circles; he was neverendingly gracious with Pasha and other old dogs; and he gave 100 percent of his energy and attention to anything he did. In the agility ring he looked from the outset like he'd been an agility professional in at least two or three prior lives, offering fast, efficient, and consistently honest performances that made him a top agility competitor in multiple venues.

Then, almost imperceptibly, he began his conversion to Alter-Jinn, taking advantage of his supreme athleticism and intellectual acuity to launch a parallel career in underworld crime. This mostly involves breaking and entering (backpacks, lunchboxes, coat pockets), petty theft (from countertops, high shelves, the tops of washing machines), and drive-by feastings achieved by abandoning his companions and taking off at a dead run for half a kilometer to snag piles of cat food, bagettes, and other tasty items tucked under rocks and left in grassy fields. But even his recent criminal inclinations haven't altered his unabashed romanticism and his love of a good pillow, or undermined his capacity to charm almost anyone out of whatever food they happen to have in their pockets. Jinn comes from Gina Larson's Windmill kennel, now in Idaho. Click here for an agility music video of some of his runs. Scroll down for more pictures and older videos.

Above, left: Weave-o-maniac. Photo: Doghouse Arts 2006. Right, In the Italian Alps, Dec 2011.



In the first months of 2014 Jinn finished his USDAA Performance Dog Championship (PDCH), and his fourth ASCA Agility Trial Championship (ATCH-IV).

In Sept 2013 Jinn took 3rd overall/40 teams in the ASCA Nationals Agility Finals, veteran's division. Also in September 2013 he and teammate Taiko (with Liza Buckner) won gold medal as "The Besty Boys" in the USDAA Western Regional's performance versatility pairs. In 2013 he was ranked 13th in USDAA's performance tournament division, 16" class, out of 630 or so dogs competing in that class! He was the 2nd highest ranked Aussie in the country, all heights, in performance tournaments.

In November 2012 Jinn finished 6th overall/70 teams in the Agility Finals held at the Australian Shepherd Club of America's National Specialty, winning two first places in the four rounds of the finals. He also qualified in five out of six rounds of the national agility trial, veteran's division, winning four first places and one second place, and finished his Novice Obedience title (CD).

He has won a number of ASCA High In Trials in locations from Cayucos, Calif, to Geel, Belgium. In September of 2010 he won High In Trial Elite (with me), and Ali won High In Trial Junior Handler (with Jinn) at the Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association's "western round up" agility trial. (We borrowed some rather nice hats for the photo).

Nicole, Jinn, Ali, hats, and ribbons. Thanks to Donna H. for the photo!

Gina took Jinn to an ASCA show in Nevada in August 2010, and he took best of breed, finishing his altered championship in the conformation ring. Many congratulations to Gina. As Ali said, now Jinn is a "froo froo champion," and we have certified evidence of how handsome he is!

Jinn going best of breed with Gina (on the left) and the judge, Aug 2010

Jinn finished his Agility Dog Championship (ADCH) with the U.S. Dog Agility Association on April 25, 2010, wrapping up the last needed gamble Q and last pairs Q. Thanks to Sandy Rogers for the Gamble coaching, and Rachel and Stewie for that last pairs leg.

In September of 2009 Jinn took 9th place out of 80ish dogs in the Agility Finals at the Australian Shepherd National Specialty. This followed his 10th place finish in Finals at the 2008 National Specialty.

He finished his ASCA Agility Trial Championship (ATCH) with a nail-biting gamblers run on Feb 22, 2009.

Jinn has lots of videos on YouTube. Here is one of them. Below are some much older samples of him at work & play.

bullet Click here to see Ali & Jinn, Novice Gamblers Q and 1st place, Sept 2010 (Thanks to 4-Legged Flix)
bullet Click here to see Jinn run a USDAA Masters Standard Course, May 2010 (Thanks to 4-Legged-Flix)
bullet Click here to see Jinn run a (similar) USDAA Grand Prix, May 2010
bullet Click here to see Jinn's ATCH gamble run Feb 22,2009 (Thanks to Upsidown World video).
bullet Click here to see Jinn's second-to-last gamble needed for his ATCH, Feb 21, 2009.
bullet Click here to see Jinn run an ASCA Elite Jumpers course (Feb 22, 2009)
bullet Click here to see Jinn run a USDAA Steeplechase course (April 2008) (results: 7th/56 dogs)
bullet Click here to see Jinn run a USDAA Masters standard course (April 2008)
bullet Click here to see Jinn run a USDAA master's jumpers course in 2007 (Thanks to Eric at Agility Video Service)
bullet Click here to see Jinn's first Grand Prix run (3rd/48 dogs- Oct 8, 2006). This one is a bit easier to view than the others.
bullet Click here to see part of Jinn's USDAA Advanced standard run (May 8, 2006)

Click here to see one of Jinn's USDAA Starters standard runs (April 2006)


Above, over the teeter, after the ATCH (photos by Erika Maurer), and ball, what ball?

Above, clearing the apex of the 6'3" a-frame. Photo: DogHouse Arts, April 2006

Above, a jumpers course. (Photo: Erika Maurer).

Above and below, snapshots from his first jumpers courses... Photos by Todd Coon/Infinite Exposures.

Photos below: left, Jinn at about 12 months; right, Jinn and Pasha in 2005; below those, Jinn at 3 and 5 months.