Windmill's Heaven Help Us (Dervish), AAD, OA, NAJ, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E-OP

Dervish was born March 23, 2010. She came to stay from Gina Larson's Windmill kennel when she was just 8 weeks, and, in typical Dervish fashion, set about charming dog and human alike, soon wrapping everyone around each and every paw. Dervish loves life and makes us smile. It's impossible to be down for long with her around. This is literal and figurative. She likes to go, go go. She loves toys. She loves people. She loves dogs. She loves hoses. She loves agility. And she loves to DO stuff! She already has two music videos and is wondering why it's taking us so long to make the next one. Click here for her first movie (shot in France); and click here to see her second (in California). She also has lots of more recent videos on YouTube; here is an example of one of them.

Above, in competition. Thanks much to Erika Maurer for the photos.

Here she is at almost 9 weeks.

Above, Ready for the show ring! Below, Sitting pretty with Jinn (left) and Pasha, June 2010.