Below: Photos of the Karim Khan Arg (citadel) in Shiraz:

Below: Photos of the Vakil Mosque in Shiraz:

Below: Photos of the Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz:

Below: Photos of Hafeziyeh or tomb of Shams al-Din Mohammad Hafez of Shiraz (1324-1341) one of the most famous poets of the Persian-speaking word:

An imaginary portrait of Hafez

Below: Photos of Sa'dieh or tomb of Moshref al-Din Sa'di of Shiraz (1209-1291) another internationally known Persia-speaking poet:

An imaginary portrait of Sa'di

And of course the Persepolis and the Pasargadae (tomb of Cyrus the Great), examples of pre-Islamic Iranian architecture and art,  are near Shiraz:


King Dariush sitting on his throne