This page is about Iran's Left movement

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Siyahkal by Bizhan Jazani

Zendegi (life) by Bijan Jazani


Emblems of guerrilla organizations People's
Fadaiyan (left) and People's Mojahedin

Bizhan Jazani (1937-75) and his grave site
in Tehran's Behesht-e Zahra cemetery: major
Marxist theorist and Fadaiyan founder
assassinated in prison

Khosrow Golesorkhi (1943-74): Marxist journalist and poet, executed

Golesorkhi and comrades on trial in 1973


Mostafa Shoa'ian (1936-75): important Marxist theorist and Fadaiyan member who died in gun battle in Tehran.
In the photo to the right he is standing next to famous Iranian writer Jalal Al-e Ahmad.

Hamid Ashraf (1946-76); founder of Fadaiyan
and a main organizer of guerrilla activities in
the 1970s, killed in shootout with police.


Khosrow Roozbeh (1915-1958): leading member of the Tudeh Party, executed.

1979: Fadaiyan rally in Tehran

Kurdish Pishmargeh

Amir Parviz Puyan



Mohsen Jahansuz


Mir Ja'far Pishevari

Rahmanallah Qasemlu

Qazi Mohammad