This page is about Iran's Constitutional Revolution (1905-1909)


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"To all who by their thought, or word, or deed
Have aided Persia in her hour of need
Whether by tongue, or pen or sword they wrought
Whether they strove or suffered, spoke or fought,
whether their services were small or great.
This book of mine I humbly dedicate.
May these approve my poor attempt to trace
this final effort of an ancient race
to burst its bondage, cast aside its chains,
and rise to life 'a Nation once again'"
Dedication page of Professor Edward Browne author of the classic:
 The Persian Revolution of 1905-1909

Iran's flag from 1906-1979

Sattar Khan (1868-1914)
A group of Constitutionalists called the Mojahedin.  Sattar Khan (known as
Sardar-e Melli or National General)  stands in the middle of the left photo
 next to Baqer Khan (Salar-e Melli or National Commander)

Yeprem Khan Davtian (1868
-1912) Iranian-Armenian re-
volutionary of Constitutional
I visited the House of Constitution (Khaneh-ye Mashrutiyat)
Museum in Tabriz in 2004 and took these two photos with
busts of Sattar Khan ( above left) and Baqer Khan (right).
(photo by Afshin)

Members of the first Majles in 1905 (left) and some members of the second Majles in 1909

This is the building of the original Parliament (Majles) in Tehran's Baharestan Square looking east.  the building was the personal home of Qajar
PM Sepahsalar.  To the structure's south is the Majles Library and the Sepahsalar Mosque and Madresseh (seminary).  The photo to the right was
taken in the 1950s (check the cars on front of the gate).  The photo to the left, I took in 2004.  Today, the Majles has been rebuilt and renovated and
used as Parliament building once again.  A new structure was added (far left corner) to house the new chamber.

Iran's division into spheres of Russian and British
influence in August 1907

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