1953 Coup and Dr. Mosaddeq:

(work in progress)


Dr. Mohammad Mosaddeq (1880-1967) Iran's nationalist
PM 1951-1953

Dr. Mosaddeq Time's 1952
man of the year

The popular prime-minister

Dr Mosaddeq on military trial in 1953

August 1953 coup

Troops occupying the parliament

August 1953 coup

Upon his death in 1967, the shah did not allow Dr. Musaddeq to be buried
among his supporters in Ibn Baviyya cemetery.  So he was buried under the
floor of his sitting room in his Ahmad Abad compound, where I visited in

Dr. Mosaddeq's last automobile, a
 Plymouth (year?) now kept at his
Ahmad Abad compound.
(Photo by MB)
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