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You're invited to choose from the millions of books in our warehouses. But you can also support thousands of independent sellers around the world when you shop Alibris. We unite sellers from your hometown and the four corners of the globe, giving you the alternative of patronizing a world of indies instead of chain stores.  You'll find used, new, out-of-print, and hard-to-find books. We stock 50 million titles, so you'll be able to track down just about any book. Whether you locate what you want in our own warehouses or in our network of indie booksellers, you'll find that our selection is unparalleled.


Bookbyte was started in 1999 as a family business to sell used college textbooks.  Like a lot of family businesses, it started in our home and has grown steadily over the past six years, thanks to our customers.  Bookbyte is dedicated to rock bottom prices and finding the cheapest college textbooks for students.  Whether you want to buy a college textbook or sell a used textbook visit www.Bookbyte.com.


We DON'T sell books directly ourselves. Instead, BookFinder4U is a FREE service that searches 130 bookstores, 60,000 booksellers worldwide and finds the lowest book price in just seconds. At Bookfinder4U, our goal is simple: to provide you with a book search and price comparison service that is comprehensive, objective and easy to use.  Our service includes two systems: in-print book search system and out-of-print book search system.


BooksPrice is a free service that searches for the best deal in books, cds and dvds among the main on-line stores.  BooksPrice is specializing in price comparisons on several books, cds and dvds together.  BooksPrice is an independent web site, not owned by any bookstore. The search result is therefore totally objective.


Offering over 2 million products to over 7 million customers, Buy.com is the Internet retailer of choice. With categories ranging from computer hardware to software, from electronics to cellular, from books to movies, from music to toys, and tons more, we've got whatever it is you're craving 24/7, all year long.


CampusBooks.com was founded in 1998 and is the leading textbook comparison shopping Web site, serving hundreds of thousands of students each year. Our goal is to make buying textbooks easy and affordable with the lowest price on new and used textbooks and friendly service. CampusBooks.com features the latest technology and security features, including multiple book price comparisons, textbook buyback and marketplace, mobile book searches, and textbook price alerts. CampusBooks served over 1.5 million book price comparisons to students in 2007.


CampusBookSwap.com helps you buy and sell used textbooks and helps both buyers and sellers save money in the process.  We don't handle the sale of books, instead our bulletin board system helps buyers and sellers to find each other.  You post the books that you want to sell, and then interested students will contact you if they want to buy your books. You can search the books that other students have posted to find ones that you want to buy.  The books are sorted by school, so that once you've signed in, the books you see listed are only the ones posted by other students at your school.

Campusi has developed the most powerful book search engine available on the Internet.  Our book finder searches all the major book sites, including Canada, to bring your customers the best prices available.  If our merchants are offering special coupons we bring them to your customers as well.  With the search and the coupons, there is no better price to be found.


Our purpose at CheapestTextbooks.com is to help you find cheap college books (whether they are cheap used college books or cheap new college books), by comparison shopping through all the major online college textbook bookstores. Our college textbook price comparison includes: Book Price, Condition (New or Used Textbooks for Sale), Free Shipping Offers and Dollar off Coupons.


Whether you need to buy college textbooks, find other books, or get the latest music or movies, you can do it here at DavesCampus.com.  It's fast, fun and free.  At Dave's Campus you can compare prices from all over the internet in one easy search.  We save you time, money and hassles.


eCampus.com is an educational resource provider of new and used textbooks, trade books, college emblematic and Greek apparel for men and women, electronics, computers, gifts and other services traditionally associated with the college experience.


MyBookBuyer is the online book and textbook buyback service of Beagle Books, the largest online bookseller in Northern California. We have been buying and selling books online since 1999, and we’ve sold over 1 million books in just the last three years alone. Believe us, that’s a lot of books! The credit for all our success goes to the trust we’ve been able to build by basing all our dealings on a simple philosophy: to buy and sell great books at a fair price.


This site is specifically designed for SFSU and our mission is to reduce the cost of education by providing an alternative way of buying and selling textbooks.  By buying and selling directly with other students, you can reap a much higher price when selling books, and a lower price when buying.  Everyone wins.


You can now buy & sell used textbooks and new books to avoid costly buyback policies at your campus bookstores, and to save time and money.  It's FREE, secure and easy to post your items for sale on Swapbooks.com.


Every time you send a textbook to a swapyourtextbooks.com user you are awarded a credit.  You can use that credit to receive any other book in the database.  You are not limited to a “book for a book” trade with one student.  With our system you can give a book to “John” and take a book from “Sarah”.  Search for the book you want by course number, professor, title, author, or ISBN.  Once you have found the book you want simply request it from multiple students.  The first student to accept your request wins and the book is on its way.  You are charged for a six month membership and can then swap as many books as you want.


We Compare Books is a free service that assists you in finding the best deal on the books you need. We are an independent and impartial web site, not owned by any bookstore. The search results that are presented to you are therefore totally objective.  The goal of We Compare Books is to find the best possible price for the books you want. Once you tell us what book you are looking for we hunt for the cheapest price and display the results. We search multiple online bookstores and are always increasing our search capability constantly to better serve you.


  Software at a Discount  

Studica (U.S.A.) is a division of Torcomp, Inc., 2326 Lockport Road, Sanborn, New York 14132.  Studica is a national authorized student reseller for a wide range of companies and growing. We represent Adobe, Microsoft, Macromedia, Autodesk, Discreet, Avid, Pantone, Corel, Sony Media, Cakewalk, Toon Boom, Alien Skin and hundreds more.  Available only to qualified students and faculty, the products we represent are commercial packages with a student license and a significantly reduced price. With Studica, students and faculty can save up to 80% off on commercial software.




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