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American Cultural Resources Association
The American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA), a 501(c)(6) non-profit, was incorporated in March,1995, to serve the needs of the cultural resources industry. The cultural resources industry in the United States is estimated to be made up of over 500 firms employing over 10,000 people working in a wide variety of fields, including historic preservation, history, archaeology, architectural history, historical architecture, and landscape architecture.






California Contract Archaeology


At Applied EarthWorks, we are committed to effective and affordable cultural resources management strategies that make it possible to achieve progress and preservation… together.  Fresno

Since 1973 Archaeological Resource Service has provided input on municipal and county
general plan elements, assessments of archaeological sensitivity, cultural resource
assessment, and general consultation on regional modeling of cultural resource
distribution and function.   Petaluma



Archaeor maintains an office and laboratory facility on the campus of Ohlone College located in the Mission San Jose District of the City of Fremont, Alameda County.  The company is 50% minority (Native American Indian) owned through an in-house partnership with The Ohlone Indian Tribe, Inc.  This partnership provides a unique collaboration between the professional archaeological community and the local Native American Indian population.  This means that our firm provides a diverse scope of services which meets the requirements and goals of responsible Cultural Resources Management (CRM) and, additionally, addresses the topics and concerns of the local Native American Indian community by providing Native American Indian consultation and monitoring services for our clients.



Archeo-Tec is a contracting firm of full-time archaeologists, concentrating on cultural resource management work.

ASM Affiliates, Inc. is certified Small Business Enterprise specializing in archaeological and
historical studies for compliance with local, state, and federal environmental requirements.

BASIN’s staff of CRM professionals and support personnel have the regulatory, statutory and practical experience as well as the scientific knowledge necessary to guide our clients in making project development and management decisions.  The in-house staff is supplemented by our long-term working relationships with architectural historians, soil scientists, paleontologists, and other discipline specialists responsive to the varied needs of historic preservation projects.  Our staff and consultants are committed to developing creative and innovative problem solving approaches to assist our clients in achieving their project objectives in multi-disciplinary and multi-agency regulatory environments.

BonTerra Consulting is a certified woman-owned small business enterprise that
provides environmental planning, natural and cultural resources management services
to public and private sector clients throughout southern and central California.

Cogstone Resource Management Inc. is a small woman-owned business
specializing in cultural resources consulting.

Archaeological services, architectural history, historic preservation planning,
cultural landscapes, landscape architecture, biological services, ecological restoration,
and general environmental servies.

Since 1979, Far Western Anthropological Research Group has worked in partnership with both
the environmental resource community and government agencies and is recognized as one of the
leading cultural resource consulting firms in the western United States.

Garcia and Associates is a natural and cultural resources consulting firm specializing
in cultural resources compliance, state-of-the-art aquatic and terrestrial ecology, and natural
resources policy and planning.
   Holman and Associates
   201 Arleta Avenue
   San Francisco, California 94134
   VOICE (415) 467-4027

Jones and Stokes is the consultant of choice throughout the West for integrated
environmental, transportation, and community planning and natural resources management services.

Pacific Legacy's mission is to provide cultural resource management services
that meet the highest professional standards for the public benefit.

RECON's cultural resources group conducts all levels of archaeological
investigations for local, state, and federal projects.

We offer diverse services in archaeology, anthropology, history, and historic architecture. SRI specializes in applied research, and we focus on practical solutions to cultural resource management issues, balancing economic development with mandates to preserve the past. Our clients include the private and public sectors. We serve developers, planners, architectural firms, public agencies, and federal land managers. Each project is tailored specifically to meet the client's requirements. SRI's experienced and knowledgeable staff guides our clients through the cultural resource management process with ease and proficiency, ensuring that their projects are completed on time, within budget, and without costly delays.

We are a company of scientists and planners who specialize in natural and cultural resource management, environmental science, management, planning and regulatory compliance. We have worked for every sector of the client spectrum, from private industry to the Federal government, assisting both the regulators and the regulated. We take our client’s perspective in every case, and we live by our motto of “Sound Science. Creative Solutions.” Our cultural resource program has become one of the largest private contract archaeology programs in the country.

William Self Associates, Inc. (WSA) was established in 1988. With Corporate registration in California, Arizona, Texas, and Utah, it is one of the most respected full-service cultural resource management firms in the U.S., covering all aspects of the discipline including historic and prehistoric archaeology, architectural history, and maritime archaeology/remote sensing. With offices in northern California, southern Arizona, central Texas, and southern Utah, WSA conducts work throughout the Pacific, Southwest, Southern and Intermountain Regions of the U.S.


 American Museum of Natural History 
     New York, New York

 California Academy of Sciences 
     San Francisco, California

 Carnegie Museum of Natural History 

 Center for World Indigenous Studies 

 Cincinnati Museum of Natural History 
     Cincinnati, Ohio

 Cleveland Museum of Natural History 
     Cleveland, Ohio

 Cultural Survival 

 Denver Museum of Natural History 


 The Field Museum of Natural History 
     Chicago, Illinois

 Internship Database Museum Resource Board 

 National Museum of Health and Medicine 

 National Museum of Natural History 

 National Park Service 

 Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology 
     University of California, Berkeley





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