Gay & Lesbian Mental Health Issues,

A Sourcebook for Practitioners

Contributing Chapter Author

Gays & Lesbians Choosing to be Parents

Harrington Press of Haworth Press,  Inc.

Christopher Alexander , Editor

New York, London 1996


Golden Gate Business Association                  Golden Gate Business Association

(GGBA) The Gateway Newsletter                      GGBA - The Gateway

S.F.,Ca. September 1998                                      S.F., Ca. 1998 Stress

Violence in the Workplace                                 Stress Management with Questionnaire

to measure Job Stress                        


Bay Area Career Women

BACW-Uncommon Voices

Q & A Column, Leisure Section                                       



Rainbow Ventures-Gaybook

-Prostate Cancer-The Male Cancer

Norman Bruce, Editor, Fall 1994


-Happily Ever After

w/Questionnaire about Loving Relationships

Norman Bruce, Editor, Spring 1994


-Gay & Lesbian Parenting

Norman Bruce, Editor, Summer 1992


-Living on the Edge,

Suggestions to Monitor & Control Anxiety & Worry

Norman Bruce, Editor, Winter 1992


-Incest-Tools for Change

Norman Bruce, Editor, Fall/Winter 1991


-Sex & Sensuality

Norman Bruce, Editor, Winter 1990


-Coping with Conflict

Norman Bruce, Editor, Spring/Summer1989