Ronald W. Mayer

Psychology Department
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132
(415) 338-1020

Birth: July 3, 1928
Service: U. S. Army, 1954-56, Honorable Discharge


Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A. (Psychology), June, 1951
Ohio State University, M.A. (Psychology), June, 1952
Ohio State University, Ph.D. (Psychology), June, 1959

Areas and quarter hours in psychology: 246 (50 undergraduate, 196 graduate)

Social Psychology (and dissertation) 71
General-Experimental 55
Clinical-Counseling 50
Developmental-Educational 43
Statistics 27
(Electives: Philosophy, 24; Sociology, 30)

Master's Thesis: "Psychological problems involved in adjustment to vocational career as related to age." (directed by S. L. Pressey)

Doctoral Dissertation: "Religious attitudes of scientists." (directed by H. B. English)


Ohio Wesleyan University

Student Assistant to Psychology Department Chair and to Professor Harry Bahrick, 1950-51.

Ohio State University:

Student Assistant to Sidney L. Pressey: Gerontological research work and teaching assistant, 1951-52

Cottage Parent, Ohio Bureau of Juvenile Research, 1952-53 (caring for Ohio's most emotionally distrubed 5-12 year olds).

Research Asst., 1952-54, Wright Patterson Air Force research projects (under D.D. Wickens and Paul Fitts)

Teaching Asst. and Asst. Instructor, 1956-58, teaching the following courses:

Introductory Psychology
Educational Psychology
Psychology for Medical Personnel
Psychology of Effective Study.

U. S. Army

Psychology Assistant 1954-56. Administered all intelligence tests (AFQT group and individual) to Army, Navy, Airforce, and Marine recruits and inductees from western Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming

Washington State University (Spokane Extension)

Instructor, 1955-56, (during tour of Army duty) Taught Introductory Psychology (supervised by James Elder, a student of Yerkes)

Acting Junior Counselor, 1956. Initiated vocational and educational counseling center for Spokane adult extension students.

Auburn University

Assistant Professor, 1958-61.
Associate Professor (with tenure), 1962-63.
Associate Graduate Faculty for Psychology and Education
Courses Taught:
General Psychology
History of Psychology
Social Psychology
Personality Theory
Psychology of Tests and Measurements
Child Psychology
Adolescent Psychology
Intelligence Testing (Binet and Wechsler)
Modern Viewpoints of Psychology
Advanced Social Psychology

Extension field courses -- taught public school teachers, administrators, and counselors in various districts of Georgia and Alabama:
Psychological Testing
Learning Theory
Philosophy of Education

Directed psychology masters' theses
Served on doctoral committees in education

San Francisco State University

Assistant Professor, 1963-67
Associate Professor (and tenure), 1967-72
Associate Chairman, 1967-68
Professor of Psychology, 1972-date

Courses Taught:
General Psychology
Theoretical Backgrounds in Psychology
Personality Theory
Social Psychology
Educational Psychology
Psychological Statistics
Experimental Psychology
Learner and Society
Behavior Problems of Children
Biography in Psychology
Personal and Social Development
Individual Differences in the Classroom
Peer Advising in Psychology

CONSULTING POSITIONS (for reimbursement)

Auburn University, 1960-62
National Defense Education Act Guidance Workshop
Alcohol Education Workshop for State of Alabama
Supervisor, American College Testing program
Mental Health Workshop for teachers.
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, State of Alabama, 1960-63
Administered Binet & Wechsler tests to determine mental retardation for state disability claims

Lee County Mental Health Clinic, 1960-61
Administered Binet & Wechsler tests for psychology clinic patients

Lafayette, Alabama,
Advisory Board, Mental Retardation Center

Electronics for Education, Maryland, 1962-63
Analysis of standardized tests for use in teaching machines

Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company, Atlanta, Ga., 1963
Assessment Center -- member of team of psychologists and regional AT&T personnel vice presidents to evaluate middle management personnel for Southern Bell Telephone Company.

San Francisco State University, 1966
Member of School of Education team teaching program for 5th year teacher training students -- including supervision of their practice teaching in culturally deprived elementary and secondary Bay Area schools.


Faculty Development Research Grant, San Francisco State University, "Current Developments in the History of Psychology." 1966-67

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS and Activities (Present and past)

American Association for advancement of Science (Life Member)
American Psychological Association, Member, 1958-life
Chairman, Organizing Committee of Division 26 (History of Psychology), 1964-65.
Chairman, Elections Committee, Div. 26, 1966-67
Chairman, Membership Committee, Div. 26, 1967-79
Secy-Treas. Div. 26, 1987-1993
Chairman, numerous paper sessions and invited addresses at annual conventions
Alternate Delegate, American Assoc. of State Psychology Boards, 1962 Convention.
Member, Organizing Caucus for Division 44, Gay Psychologists Association
Western Psychological Association
Executive Committee 1965-73
Convention Manager, 1966-67
Secretary-Treasurer, Board of Directors, 1969-73.
Midwestern Psychol. Assoc., 1956-58.
Alabama Psychological Association, Committee on Training and Standards of School Psychologists, 1961-62.
California Psychological Association
Amer. Personnel & Guidance Assoc., 1958-60.
American Association of University Professors
Secretary, California Conference of AAUP 1972-73.
Treasurer, San Francisco State University Chapter, 1971-72.
Academy of Religion and Mental Health, Organizational Committee, East Alabama, 1962.
Chairman, Psychology Self Study Committee (planning Psychology doctoral programs), Auburn University, 1961-62.
Psi Chi, Auburn University, Sponsor and Advisor, 1961-63; Advisor, Psychology Club (1959-61)
Cheiron: The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 1973-date
California Historical Society; Amer. Historical Society, 1966
International Platform Assoc.
Society for History of Technology, 1966
New York- Academy of Sciences
Herbert Evans History of Science Club, U.C. Berkeley, 1973-78
Western Historical Association
American Academy of Political and Social Science
National Society for the Study of Education
Amer. Ed. Res. Assoc. 1966
Calif. Psychol. Assoc.
Special Libraries Association,
American Federation of Teachers, 1965; Calif. Teacher's Assoc., 1966
University Center for Rational Alternatives


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Mayer, R.W. and Paul Irvine (1961). Alcohol Education Manual. Co-edited with Paul Irvine. Published by the State Department of Education, Alabama.
Co-Editor with Cedric Larson, "History of Psychology Newsletter" (1962-66) for History of Psychology Group of the American Psychological Association.
Mayer, R.W. (1968). Student Guide for DeCecco Educational Psychology. Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall.
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CAMPUS ACTIVITIES- San Francisco State University

Budget Committee, 1965-66
Instructional materials Committee, 1966-72
University Grievance Committee, 1970-71
Faculty Club, Secretary, 1968-69; Treasurer, 1969-70
STEP Program, Elementary Education
Supervisor of student teachers at various San Francisco High Schools (Everett, Pelton, Presidio Junior High Schools); and Marin County Elementary, 1963-67
Nominee, 1979 Outstanding Professor Award (too few nominees; none awarded that year)
Member, Academic Senate, 1985-88
Academic Senate Curriculum Review and Approval Committee, 1985-88

Psychology Department

Associate Chair, 1968-69
Psychology Dept. Representative, Council of Department Chairmen, 1967-68
Coordinator, Psychology Dept. Registration, 1969
Coordinator, Psychology Dept. Year Round Operation, 1968-69
Coordinator, Psychology Dept. Course Review, 1974-75
Undergraduate Coordinator, Psychology Dept., 1985-88; 2001-05
Member, various department committees: Advisory, Promotions, Curriculum, Hiring, Retention, and Tenure


Resident Director, American Friends Service Committee Institutional Service Unit, "Students in Mental Hospitals," State Hospital for the Insane, Columbus, Ohio, Summer, 1952
Address: "Psychology and Music." Music Teacher Association, Spokane, Washington, 1956.
Address: "Ethnic Cleavage in the Modern Child. Omicron Nu Honorary, Auburn Univ., 1960
TV Presentation: "Intelligence Testing." Educational TV, Auburn University, 1960.
Speaker, Religious Emphasis Week Auburn University, 1960.
President, Auburn University Faculty/Staff Singles Club, 1960-63.
Chairman, Auburn Community (Interracial) Self Study Group, Auburn, Alabama, 1961-63.
Planning Council, East Alabama Council of Human Relations, 1961-62.
Executive Committee, District 5, Member State Board of Alabama Council of Human Relations, 1963.
Block Chairman, Merced Heights Neighborhood Assoc. (integrated neighborhood), San Francisco, 1966
Docent (first male), Asst. to Director, California Historical Society, 1969-70.
Keynote Speaker, Medical Convention Association, Mark Hopkins Hotel, January 5, 1970.
Opening Address, "Attention, Attendance, and Power," Annual Meeting of the Association of Osteopathic State Executive Directors, Mark Hopkins Hotel, Oct. 7, 1970.
Chief of Staff, San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus, 1984-85.


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