Former graduate students Research project Where they are now:
Sally Chess Divergence in Linanthus dichotomous SF Conservatory of Flowers
Rich Hatfield Local and landscape factors influence bumble bees of the Sierra Nevada Waldorf School, Burlington VT
Erica Swinney The effect of covercrops on grapes and oaks GreenAction

San Francisco

Jaime Chaves Phylogeograph of the hummingbird Adelomyia melanogenys UCLA
Quinn McFrederick Bumble bees in San francisco UVA
Cynthia Fenter Solitary bees in San Francisco Plants database

Seattle Washington

Megan Keever Sheep grazing in Vernal pools San Francisco
Undergraduate Research Projects
Scott Simono Meadow plants of the Sierra Jepson Herbarium
Jessica Cleeves The effect of the matrix on montane meadow bird communities Stanford
Mariela Pauli Population structure of bumble bees in SF city parks San Francisco State