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What is the Latin American Studies Minor?

This 21-23 unit Minor in Latin American Studies is a multidisciplinary program designed to provide students with an understanding of a variety of aspects of Latin American societies, including their history, language and literature, social, economic, and political developments, and their place in the international order. The Minor provides great flexibility to explore a wide range of subjects —from the ancient Maya civilization, to doing business in present-day Latin America—as well as to specialize in particular areas such as the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, and South America.
The Minor will be useful to students planning careers in education, the Foreign Service, international organizations, overseas corporations and banking, as well as for those who simply desire a better understanding of Latin America. The interdisciplinary nature of the program also prepares students for further work in a number of academic fields at the graduate level.
The Latin American Studies Minor consists of a core curriculum of two courses (6 or 7 units) which deal with the region as a whole, from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, plus 15 or 16 units of elective, upper-division coursework. Not more than 9 units can be transferred from other campuses; no more than 6 units can be taken on CR/NC basis. Students planning to take courses other than those listed below must get prior approval from the program director.Students are required to demonstrate basic competency in a language other than English, relevant to their area of study. This requirement may be met by completing the University’s entrance requirement of two years of High School language study, or one year of college level language study, or by demonstrating equivalent competency.


Why learn about Latin America ?

Latin America is intrinsically connected to important concepts and historical developments such as revolution, religion, imperialism, capitalism, industrialization, individualism, democracy, communism, human rights, and welfare states. These concepts have had global significance as well. Latin America comprises a complex, fascinating, and vital region of the world, and one grappling with an array of fundamental political, socioeconomic, and cultural challenges.

Who should declare a minor in Latin American Studies?

Students interested in Latin American society, culture, art, history, and politics in any time period.

How many courses do I need to take for the Latin American Studies minor?

Seven courses (21-23 units), of which three (9-10 units) form a required core curriculum and four (12-14 units) are electives in humanities and literature, social sciences, and art history or the performing arts. Students can design an elective program that reflects their particular interests in a time period, country, or other specific focus.

How do I find out more?

For additional information or advising, contact:
Juanita Darling
Department of International Relations
Latin American Studies Minor Director
San Francisco State University
HSS 381

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Latin American Studies Director:Juanita Darling
Office: HSS 381
Tel: (415)-405-3492

Last updated June 15, 2011