shapeimage_1.pngETHS 280 - Race, Gender, and Science Fiction
What does Science Fiction
have to do with People of Color?

It's non-fiction adn we are on the wrong side of the strange-looking ship that appears out of nowhere. (Nalo Hopkinson)
Superdome after Katrina 

How has science fiction been shaped by histories of and fantasies about People of Color? 

This introductory course in Ethnic Studies uses science fiction as a way of examining race and history.   We will focus on the ways that science fiction constructs “the Other” through race, ethnicity, species, and gender.

We will examine the ways in which science fiction reflects upon racial histories: slavery, removal, colonization, genocide. 

Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler


We will examine the race and gender ideologies as they are played out in science fiction, including cold war stereotypes, nativism, immigration policies, and reproductive technologies.

Texts will include short stories, novels, films, series episodes, and historical accounts.