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San Francisco State University

School of Engineering


Fall 2012


ENGR 200: Materials of Engineering (3 units)




10/19/2012: Please note that Quiz 2 has been postponed to 10/31. It will cover Imperfections/Dislocations/Strengthening Mechanisms. There will be 1 problem.


9/28/2012: HW 2 is live on iLearn. Please complete the quiz by 10/9/12, Tuesday, 11.55pm. I strongly advise you to attempt all problems by Mid-Term 1 (Monday, 10/8). We will be going over more examples next Monday and Wednesday, hopefully that helps with completing HW 2 and preparing for the exam. Not to forget, you should use the practice Mid-Term 1 (posted on iLearn) to help prepare for the upcoming Mid-Term 1 exam.


9/24/2012: Please note that Mid-Term Exam 1 is postponed to 10/8/2012. There will be 4 questions on Mid-Term Exam 1, which include Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 6. The breakdown is as follows:


Question 1: Chapter 1-2 (Interatomic Bonding, Forces) – 20%

Question 2: Chapter 3 (Crystals) – 20%

Question 3: Chapter 6 (Mech. Properties of Metals) – 40%

Question 4: A combination of Chapters 1, 2, 3 and 6. – 20%


You are allow 1 sheet (8.5 x 11”) of notes (both sides). Please bring a calculator, eraser, pen/pencil. I will be asking you to switch off  your cell phone during the test.


9/12/2012: HW 1 due date is postponed to 9/19 (Wednesday), 11.55pm. Lecture on Crystal Structure may extend over to next Monday due to the Quiz today.


9/10/2012: Quiz 1 will administered during the last 20 minutes of Wednesday’s lecture. You are allowed 1 sheet of notes (letter size, both sides). Quiz 1 will cover Chapter 1, 2, and part of Chapter 3, and include topics such as:


- Interactomic bonding energy, force

- Atomic packing density, close pack direction, lattice constants

- BCC, FCC, and HCP


9/6/2012: HW 1 is on iLearn (please log on to iLearn and make sure you read the instructions before attempting to input your answers. Please use the Right number of decimal places. Please do not copy answers, do it yourself and learn it well to make your tuition worth it). It is due on 9/16 (Sunday), 11.55pm. Please no late HW! Ideally you should submit everything by 11pm to avoid excuses such as “last-minute system crashing, coffee-spilling on computer, battery-dying, flood in your room, stomach flu, gun-shot wounds, or simply, I Forgot! etc”. Ok, you get what I mean. We are all adults, let’s just be professional for once.


8/30/2012: Please note there is NO LECTURE on 9/3 (Monday). It is Labor Day.


8/27/2012: Welcome to Engr 200: Materials of Engineering! This is an introductory course on materials science and engineering and I hope it will be a rich learning experience for you. We are in this 1-semester journey together as “learning partners”, therefore, if you have any suggestions on how to make this course more enriching for you, please do not hesitate to see me or email me your ideas. I welcome great ideas and student feedbacks. I look forward to knowing each and every one of you this semester! All the best.


8/27/2012: My office hours are on Tuesdays 12-2pm and Wednesday 11-12pm. This set of office hours is tentative and may be adjusted during the semester so that it works for most students.


8/27/2012: Course website Username and Password are available on iLearn. Please log on to your iLearn Engr 200 (Section 01) page – All students are added onto Engr 200 Section 01 on iLearn (even if you are in lab Section 02 or 03). This will streamline communication and assignments.




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