The site of Mucuyo originally came to Paul Amaroli's attention when he heard that Marihua Red on Buff pottery was said to have been looted from the site. This seemed a good opportunity to test the theory of the German archaeologist Wolfgang Haberland that this type of pottery was associated with the historic Pipil peoples. The main structures at Mucuyo are located on a small area of level ground in an area cut by many quebradas, just to the north of San Rafael Cedros. This area is being turned into a rural subdivision (lotificación) and the workers on the subdivision are in the process of destroying the structures by stripping them of their stone slab veneer. These slabs (lajas) fetch a good price from builders. Two platforms roughly 1-2m high and perhaps 20 m in diameter have already been demolished. The remaining large structure, a pyramid of some 7m. in height is in good condition and its stone facing was in December 1999) in good condition.
The sparse surface remains include Copador polychrome and Guarumal white on red-orange ceramics, indicating a Late Classic occupation. We hope that the culutral heritage law will be applied for the protection of Mucuyo.

The main pyramid of Mucucyo. Despite being covered with trees and brush, it is in an excellent state of preservation.

Detail of the masonry veneer of the pyramid.

Demolished platform at Mucuyo with the removed stone veneer slabs neatly piled for transport and sale.

Photographs by Paul Amaroli


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