We work in wet coastal habitats from the upper intertidal to the shallow subtidal.  For examples of current and recent projects, see below.  Also see People for descriptions of student projects and Publications to view and download published research articles.  Our research is supported by the funding sources listed at the bottom of this page.

Habitat characteristics of brackish SAV in northern San Francisco Estuary (see also, Pondweeds!)

Living Shorelines: the role of subtidal features in providing habitat and shoreline protection (Link to pdf of brief project description)

Herbivory effects on eelgrass growth and life history patterns

Factors controlling establishment of rare plants in tidal marshes

The role of nitrogen with increased water clarity in eelgrass beds

After the spray: legacy effects of invasive hybrid cordgrass on the restoration of native cordgrass

Trophic interactions of native fish and non-native mesograzers as mediated by habitat complexity in eelgrass beds

The potential for spread and impacts of non-native Algerian sea lavender in San Francisco Bay natural and restored marshes

Experimental approaches toward successful restoration of eelgrass in San Francisco Bay

Biodiversity and ecosystem function in marine systems: environmental context and stability of macroalgal communities

Effects of nitrogen on marsh species richness and dominance in an increasingly saline environment

The Seven Site Survey: seasonal and spatial patterns in San Francisco Bay eelgrass beds

Invasion of perennial pepperweed in San Francisco Bay: evaluating impacts, potential for spread, and control mechanisms

Funding Sources

We appreciate generous support from:

American Association for the Advancement of Science grant to Gwen Santos

Annelies Atchley

ARCS Foundation fellowships to Stephanie Kiriakopolos and Gavin Archbald

Association of Environmental Professionals scholarships to Gavin Archbald and Gwen Santos

Budweiser Conservation Scholarship Award to Brittany Huntington

CALFED Ecosystem Restoration Program

California Native Plant Society grants to Brittany Huntington, Anya Perron-Burdick, and Amelia Ryan

California State Coastal Conservancy/California Ocean Protection Council

California Department of Fish and Game

        - Native Fisheries Summer Internship to Autumn Cleave

California State University

        - Council on Ocean Affairs, Science, and Technology Fellowships to Gwen Santos,

            Jeff Lewis, Autumn Cleave, Rosa Schneider, Evyan Borgnis, and Lauren Scheinberg

Delta Science Program

Environmental Protection Agency

  1. -Science to Achieve Results (STAR) fellowship to Brittany Huntington

Golden West Women Flyfishers Foundation Scholarship to Brittany Huntington

Meyer’s Trust Scholarship to Lindsey Carr

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

National Science Foundation

- Biological Oceanography Program

- GK-12 Program awards to Anya Perron-Burdick and Gwen Santos

- S-STEM Program awards to Stephanie Kiriakopolos, Jeff Lewis, and Rosa Schneider

  1. -Undergraduate Mentoring in Environmental Biology (UMEB) award to Courtney Cacace

  2. -Undergraduate Training in Quantitative Biology Program (UBM) awards to Gavin Archbald, Stephanie Kiriakopolos, Gwen Santos, and Melanie Williams


  1. -Cooperative Institute for Coastal & Estuarine Environmental Technology (CICEET)

  2. -National Estuarine Research Reserve Graduate Fellowship to Rosa Schneider

  3. -National Marine Fisheries Service

  4. -NOAA Restoration Center

National Park Service RFP award to Brittany Huntington

Northern California Botanists Research Scholarship to Gavin Archbald and Rosa Schneider

San Francisco State University

  1. -Biology Department (Nelson Scholarships to Amelia Ryan, Gavin Archbald, and Rosa


  1. -College of Science and Engineering (Maxwell Scholarships to Amelia Ryan, Gavin Archbald, Stephanie Kiriakopolos, Lindsey Carr, Rosa Schneider, and Cassie Pinnell; James Kelly Award to Anya Perron-Burdick and Gavin Archbald; Advisory Board Scholarship to Amelia Ryan)

  2. -University Scholarship and University Women’s Association Scholarship to Lindsey Carr, Graduate Fellowship Award to Anya Perron-Burdick, Alumni Scholarship to Stephanie Kiriakopolos and Gwen Santos

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture

Society of Wetland Scientists Grant to Cassie Pinnell

South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Program Graduate Fellowship to Gavin Archbald

The Nature Conservancy

Tiburon Sunset Rotary Club

Tyee Club Scholarship to Lindsey Carr

Western Aquatic Plant Management Society scholarship to Anya Perron-Burdick and

        Stephanie Kiriakopolos

H. Hsu

K. Boyer