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Dr. Katharyn Boyer’s research lab is located at San Francisco State University’s Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, on San Francisco Bay near the tip of the Tiburon Peninsula.  We are broadly interested in the ecology of coastal habitats, with a focus on tidal marshes and seagrass beds.  We work at the interface of basic and applied ecology, with the philosophy that restoration and conservation activities will be most effective when there is understanding of the processes that govern natural communities. Our work is largely experimental, conducted in field, greenhouse, and mesocosm settings. Click the links above and below to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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A new Marin IJ article reports on publication of our research in the new book, Living Shorelines: The Science and Management of Nature-Based Coastal Protection

Great new Mongabay article captures our eelgrass restoration work: Restoring seagrass under siege.

Richmond Confidential article on our living shorelines projects at San Rafael and Point Pinole: Oysters and eelgrass: unlikely heroes in the fight against rising seas

Fun video from the talented Tommy Valencia, on our eelgrass restoration work in SF Bay.

Here is a blog post on our recent eelgrass restoration work in collaboration with Audubon in Richardson Bay.

BayNature article on our colleague Peter Baye’s long crusade for the very rare high marsh plant, Suaeda californica, and the work that the Boyer Lab is contributing to its reintroduction to SF Bay.

Serina, Geana, and Crystal: so quotable on RTC’s Discovery Day, April 2016 in a Marin Independent Journal article.

So proud of my former advisors who received the highest awards of the Coastal

and Estuarine Research Federation at the CERF conference in Portland, November 2015.

Dr. Joy Zedler received the Odum Award for Lifetime Achievement, and Dr. Peggy Fong

received the William A. Niering Outstanding Educator Award. Such big shoes (and by that,

I mean knee boots or SCUBA booties) to fill!

September 2015: Our Living Shorelines Project received the Outstanding Environmental Project Award at the State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference!  Managed by the State Coastal Conservancy, Kathy Boyer is the Lead Scientist on an interdisciplinary team including members from the Romberg Tiburon Center, UC Davis, USGS, Environmental Science Associates, and San Francisco Estuary Institute. See “Research” tab for additional information about the project.

Cover shots! 

- Kathy Boyer on the cover of the UC Press book “Natural History of San Francisco Bay” (Order it)

  1. -Two recent covers of Estuary News (Order it):  Evyan Borgnis sampling pondweeds in a study to evaluate distribution and habitat values of brackish native SAV beds in Suisun Bay and the west Delta, and the Boyer Lab and volunteers accessing a restoration site for eelgrass and native oysters in San Rafael, in the Central Bay

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