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I happen to be married to an artist, who is responsible for the stunning images found on this web site.
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A blog for ethicists.
A blog on the philosophy of psychology and occasionally on Chinese thought
(where I took a turn as guest-host).
A blog on Chinese philosophy.
A high quality group blog for scholars of all stripes.
I’m not an authority on Buddhism, but I play one on the radio.
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On-line Chinese texts:    
For those interested in the Chinese classics, there are many on-line texts to choose from. The following are four sites on which I have become particularly reliant.    
A searchable database that includes most of the canonical works of philosophy, literature, and poetry.
A collection of philosophical texts found in the 中華文化網. It has great coverage of the classical Confucians and neo-Confucians, but less coverage of the Daoists and Buddhists.
To my knowledge the best coverage of the rich (but somewhat neglected) post-Qin period is found at the Hong Kong Society of Humanistic Philosophy. The Society’s web page also includes a number of Buddhist works and several classical Chinese versions of influential Indian sutras and philosophers. Taken together, this makes it a neo-Confucian scholar’s dream site. Alas, few of these e-texts cite editions and none give page numbers.   Chinese:
Steve Angle's Chinese Philosophical E-text Archive. This includes Dai Zhen’s 孟子字義疏證.
Donald Sturgeon's collection of mostly pre-Qin texts. This one is very well designed and user friendly. Texts come with English and modern Chinese translations as well as an integrated dictionary.
Chris Fraser maintains a longer list of e-texts here.