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Lab Members

Jae H. Paik, Ph. D.

 Dr. Paik received her Ph.D. in developmental psychology and cognitive science from Indiana University in 2005. Her research focuses on the development of early mathematical concepts, comparison processes, and verb acquisitions. She is particularly interested in the intricate relation between language, culture, and conceptual development. She is currently conducting various studies examining the cross-cultural differences between English, French, Korean, and Chinese speaking children's cognitive development.

Trang Nguyen

Trang graduated in 2007 from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Psychology. Trang has experience working with children with autism and neurodevelopmental disorders at the MIND Institute at the UC Davis Medical Center. She spent time volunteering in preschool classrooms before working in the areas of Mental Health and Disabilities for a Head Start/Early Head Start, overseeing social and emotional, language, and over all development assessments and referrals. This job position gave her the motivation to pursue a Master's Degree. Some of Trang's research interests are children's social and emotional development, mental health, cognition, social-cultural impacts, and personality research. She is currently researching cultural differences in factors associated with academic achievement.



Aggie Wong

Aggie is currently a first-year graduate student in the SFSU Developmental Psychology program. Growing up in different cities, she was exposed to different cultural developmental styles. As an undergraduate at UCLA, Aggie became intrigued by children's development on language. She plans to pursue her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology after obtaining her Masters. Aside from child development, she is passionate about music, singing, and chocolate.

Raquel Schwab

Danika Maddocks

Danika Maddocks is a first-year graduate student in Developmental Psychology.  Before starting graduate school she was a middle school English teacher, and before that she taught elementary school, literacy, and martial arts.  Danika‚Äôs research interests include teacher effectiveness, gifted education, classroom and school culture, and teacher and student motivation.  When she has free time she likes to drink coffee, walk up hills, cook vegetables, and read young adult books and The New Yorker.

Timothy Miranda

Timothy is a senior at SFSU working on getting his B.S. in Psychology. He is interested in clinical psychology in particular and intends to pursue a Psy D. in the near future. This is his first semester joining a lab and he is looking forward to learning first-hand about how research is conducted.

Fan Zhang

Fan just received her bachelor's degree in psychology at SFSU in 2010. She has previously worked with pre-school children at San Francisco Headstart and Alzheimer's patients at Institute on Aging. After exploring film making, photo journalism and fashion merchandising, she is on her path to pursue her PHD in social psychology. She speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English fluently. Her primary interest is cross-cultural studies.

Jannelle Zapanta

Jannelle is a senior at San Francisco State University hoping to obtain her B.S. in Psychology this May. An extremely motivated student, she is currently a member of both the Social Interaction Lab and the Learning and Development Lab. Her research interests include cognitive and social psychology and she is excited to have the opportunity to find out more about these subjects. When Jannelle has free time, she likes to do exciting things such as sleep, eat, play board games, watch reruns of Friends and read The Hunger Games. Her favorite color is green.

Jamie Mansfield

Jamie is working to obtain her B.S. in Psychology at San Francisco State University. She is currently a Research Assistant in the Learning and Development Lab and is planning to participate in the Honors Thesis project beginning this fall. Her research interests include cognitive development with a focus on executive function skills, as well as cognitive development of language and intelligence and how they impact education in pre-school aged children. She has served as treasurer for the Honor Society (Alpha Gamma Sigma) at Mission College and is currently a member of the International Honors Society in Psychology (Psi Chi), as well as the American Psychological Association (APA). Outside of her educational interests, Jamie enjoys running, watching NFL 49er football, and reading.

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