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      The job of journalists is "to monitor the centres of power."
                                                                                        --Israeli journalist  Amira Hass

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  | C.V.Bibliography

o    Validación de datos en la era digital Cátedra” (Data Validation in the Digial Age)” Walter Lippmann de Periodismo y Opinión Pública Noviembre 22 y 23 de 2012, Bogota, Columbia

o    Data Makes the Maps;Maps Make the Data”,  Esri Health Conference, Scottsdale, Arizona USA, August 28, 2012

o    Proceso de Periodismo en el Nuevo Datósfera” (Process of Journalism in the New Datasphere), Presentación por la Facultad De Peridismo,  La Universidad Catolicade Valparaiso, 25 June 2012, Valparaiso, Chile

o    Data validation in the Digital Age,” (with Cheryl Phillips) NICAR Conference, Feb. 2012, St. Louis

o    Data+Journalism+Camp @ Vision+Media, Manchester, UK - May 19-24, 2011

" Results of an international, online study of what journalism educators know and what they are teaching in the Digital Age.