San Pedro Creek Watershed

Research Program Documents


San Pedro Creek Watershed Map

Collins, Amato and Morton (2001).  San Pedro Creek Geomorphic Analysis.

Amato, Paul (2003). Effects of urbanization on storm response in the North Fork San Pedro Creek. Masters Thesis in Geography.

San Pedro Creek Watershed Sediment Source Analysis

Smulyan, Marilyn (2012). Assessment of a Step-Pool Urban Stream Restoration: San Pedro Creek, Pacifica, California

Davis JD, Sims S (2013). Physical and maximum entropy models applied to inventories of hillslope sediment sources. Journal of Soils and Sediments 13:1784-1801.

Davis JD, Blesius (2015). A hybrid physical and maximum-entropy landslide susceptibility model. Entropy 17.6: 4271-4292.

Flood Control Project

McDonald, Kelsey (2004). San Pedro Creek Flood Control Project: Integrative analysis of natural hazard response. SFSU Geography Thesis.

Munsey, Genevieve (2015). Geomorphology at the Confluence of Stream Restoration and Flood Control. SFSU Geography Thesis.

Vegetation Mapping

Vegetation Map 11x17 pdf

Land Use Change

Culp, John (2002). Shell Mounds to Cul-de-Sacs: the Cultural Landscape of San Pedro Valley, Pacifica, California

Pedro Point Headlands 1941 to 2010

Steelhead Research

Johnson, Richard (2005). A Basin-wide Snorkel Survey of the San Pedro Creek Steelhead (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Population. SFSU Biology Thesis.

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