Spring 1999 Geog 810 Paper Topics

(in no particular order)

Lisa Owens-Viani   Cordinices Creek and the Temple Beth El site in Berkeley:  a microcosm of issues facing urban streams.  
Gary Fields   Coastal geomorphology of barrier islands  
Doug Johnson   The beaver as geomorphic agent  
Debra Dwyer   The impact of coastal management strategies on coastal dunes  
Paul Amato   Measuring change in runoff characteristics related to increased impervious area  
Kristina Perry   Contamination and collapse:  human settlement and karst  
Matt Weintraub   Fluvial interpretations of Martian landforms  
Steven Silva   The impacts of grazing in the American west  
Chris Baldassari   A review of methods used to study aquifer hydrology and geometry in karst regions  
Peter Black   Carolina Bays black-refs.html
Hili Kopilovich   Streams of arid and semiarid regions -- characteristics and management  
Christy Camp   The effects of vegetation on erosion  
Annette Olson   The Army Corps of Engineers and stream channelization:  a review of the Corps' approach to flood control during the 1940s to 1970s  
John Culp   Debris flow mechanics and hazard potential in the Santa Cruz Mountains, California  
Pete Dartnell   Coastal river responses to climatic change  
Elspeth Keller   An overview of documents on the Napa River's geomorphically-based channel design  
Jim Macrae   Meander restoration:  restoring the morphological and biological diversity of a stream macrae.html