Geog 625
Programming for Geographic Information Science

Instructors: Jerry Davis and Seth Hiatt
Dept of Geography & Human Environmental Studies
San Francisco State University



Description: Programming methods allow the GIScience professional to accomplish two main goals: (1) automating repetitive tasks, and (2) extending the capabilities of the GIS and remote sensing tools to perform analyses that are not possible using the software tools provided. Much introductory GIScience work involves interacting with the data to create maps and simple analyses; GIScience professionals quickly discover that they need to use logic and automation in order to complete more advanced analyses, or even mundane repetitive tasks.

Prerequisites: Advanced GIS (Geog 620/720 or 621/721), attention to detail, comfort with mathematical logic

Geog 625 Syllabus Lectures (see iLearn)Exercises (see iLearn)
  Lecture 1. Python Intro Exercise 1. Python Intro