Geog 602: Field Methods in Geography

Study Guide, Fall 2001

Geometric/Surveying Methods

for all methods: idea of spatial control, control framework, details, use of basic trig


Research Design

Sampling Methods

Biogeographical Sampling

I'll get a question or two from Barbara.

Geomorphological Studies

Be able to distinguish these four types of studies, and how they might relate (e.g. you might study the form of a stream cross-section over time to understand process and landform evolution – and you might sample streambed materials for the same study. Know specifics about italicized things:

Data Logging

Human Interviews and Questionnaires

The who, what, where, when, why, and how of interviews & questionnaires. Issues faced when planning an interview or questionnaire.  Concept of stratification as applied to these.  I'll get a question or two from Nancy.