Geog 602 Field Methods in Geography Davis, Fall 2001

Davis: Office Hours: W 1-3 pm, F 11-12 pm

Introduction to the application of field methods to geographic inquiry. Research design and sampling methodologies for data collection. Preparation for field work using maps and earth imagery. Basic field survey methods, and methods for investigating specific geographic systems. Prerequisite: Geog 103.

This course will be structured such that the first few weeks of the semester will be devoted to the central concepts of field data collection: research design, sampling methods, and the use of published sources in preparation for field work. Examples of field methods from subfields of geomorphology, biogeography and land-use planning follow. Concepts and methods will be presented and applied in a lecture-field trip format. The final portion of the course will be dedicated to individual field projects, and presentations. Groups of 2 people should be formed for a major project to be presented at the end of the semester. Group project topics must be approved by the instructor by October 26.


Other materials needed:


Schedule of Topics

Date(s) Topic Reading
Fri, 31 Aug. Intro to course
Geometric Measurements, Methods and Tools
Exercise: Trilateration/Chain Survey; Trig
exercise handout
Fri, 7 Sept.
Sat, 8 Sept.
Compass Traverse & Level Survey
Exercise: Compass Traverse
exercise handout
Fri, 14 Sept. Plane Table Survey Methods
Exercise: Plane Table Survey of the quad
exercise handout
Fri, 21 Sept.
Sat, 22 Sept.
Leveling using the level & transit
Exercise:  Leveling survey
Fri, 28 Sept.
Sat, 29 Sept.
GPS: Sample Locating GPS book (check out from map library)
Fri, 5 Oct. Research design

Nature of Geographic Data and Field Measurements; Field Research Design; Base Maps & Imagery

Sampling Assignment. Atmospheric Measurements.

Elzinger: Sampling Design chapter
Fri, 12 Oct.
Sat, 13 Oct.
Sampling Methods
Stream Process Measurement

measurement of form and process (e.g. streamflow)
assigned readings
Fri, 19 Oct.
Sat, 20 Oct.
Biogeographical Sampling
Saturday:  biogeographic sampling presentation; water quality sampling
Pacific Coast Tree Finder
Elzinger (to be assigned)
Fri, 26 Oct. Geomorphological Field Methods assigned readings
Fri, 2 Nov. Data Logging  
Fri, 9 Nov. Human Survey Methods  
Fri, 16 Nov. exam  
Fri, 23 Nov. group consultation  
Fri, 30 Nov. no class  
Fri, 7 Dec. Presentations of Term Projects  
Fri, 14 Dec. Presentations of Term Projects