Geog 317 -- Geography of Soils

Instructor: Jerry Davis
Dept of Geography & Human Environmental Studies
San Francisco State University




Study Guide (entire semester, but current only for for first exam)

Field Trips

Soil Survey Term Project Description



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Soil Properties

Parent Material


Soil Data: Surveys and SSURGO data

Field Book

Field Book for Describing and Sampling Soils Order the hardcopy on waterproof paper for $24 (2006). Follow the directions at the web site to get to the order page.

Soil Classification

  • USDA NRCS: Keys to Soil Taxonomy, Official Soil Series Descriptions
    • Soil Taxonomy - principal reference to soil classification.
    • Keys to Soil Taxonomy - taxonomic keys for field classification.
    • Official Series Descriptions (OSD) - standard descriptions and characteristics of soil series. On the OSD index page, proceed to "View OSD by Series Name."
    • Soil Classification Database (SC) - soil classification and series names.
    • Distribution Maps of Dominant Soil Orders - images and a map.
  • Soil Taxonomy Orders overview