Geog 312 Exercises

WorldWind Exercises:

Word docs for copying location strings. The pdf may also work for you. KML files (can be opened in GoogleEarth)
Volcanic Volcanic Word Doc Volcanic KML file
Fluvial Fluvial Word Doc Fluvial KML file
Coastal & Wind Coastal & Wind Word Doc Coastal & Wind KML file
Structural, Karst, Glacial (Google Earth recommended -- open the KML file) Structural, Karst, Glacial Word Doc Structural, Karst, Glacial KML file (Google Earth recommended)

Know Your Landforms


Download Program (4 MB zip file)

After downloading, open zip file and extract all files to install, then run LF_Quiz to start the program.

Make sure you are on a Windows computer.

  • You'll need an unzip utility like winzip or pkzip.
  • First download the zip file by clicking the link, and saying to open the file (or you can save it and then open it).
  • Then unzip the file and extract all of the files to a folder on your computer


  • Then go to that folder and double-click the file that says LF_Quiz or LF_Quiz.exe to start the program.