Geog/Geol 642 Methods Page

Excel Spreadsheets

Compass Traverse Closure spreadsheet  
Calera Creek 2004 Survey  
Oddstad Bridge 3/13/2005 Q & Mannings N computation  
San Pedro Creek behind Sanchez 10/21/2006 X-section & Q measurements  

Equipment Guides

Leica Sprinter Digital Level

Topcon Laser Level  Guide  
Transit Guide
Topcon Total Station Guide and Topcon GTS 230 Series hardware manual Topsurv GPS/Survey Manual section -- go to 6-1 for Survey section
Laser Ace Rangefinder Manual Section  
Trimble ProXH GPS Guide Terrasync Reference Manual


Methods / Software (Web sources)

Source / Web Link
Description / Hints
USGS Indirect Determination of Peak Discharge  web  
HydroToolbox (from Dartmouth) web  
3d line import Script tool for ArcGIS   zip read readme.txt
Trig Handout and Exercise


Field Methods

Sampling Particle-size Distributions


Bunte, Kristin; Abt, Steven R. 2001. Sampling surface and subsurface particle-size distributions in wadable gravel-and cobble-bed streams for analyses in sediment transport, hydraulics, and streambed monitoring. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-74. Fort Collins,CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 428 p.
USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station Pubs