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(Update in January 2010)

1. Top: At the top of your review, please insert bibliographic information for the book(s) you are reviewing.  The format should resemble: Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo, eds., Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2007), 250p. $75.00 hardback; $32.95 paperback.  Please gather pricing information (hardback and paperback) from the publisher’s website as needed.

2. Body: Aside from summary, your review should discuss the significance of your assigned book’s research question, the adequacy of its methodology, its theoretical strengths and weaknesses, the quality of its empirical work, and its ideal readership.

 3. Your review should run 550-750 words.  At his/her discretion, the JCPS Book Review Editor may make stylistic changes to your review.  The Book Review Editor also may eliminate text in order to conform your review to JCPS book reviews length requirements.  In cases where more substantial changes are warranted, the book review editor will request you to make appropriate revisions.

4. Bottom: At the bottom of your review, please provide your name and academic affiliation, and a word count of the body of your review.

5. Within 8 weeks after you receive this letter, please send your review as an MS Word file to (timely submission is important).  In your transmittal email, please provide a brief bio as well as your full contact information.  If you are not able to complete your review on time, please return your assigned book back to the JCPS editor via express mail so he/she can reassign the book while it remains current.

6. After your review is published, you will be sent an electronic copy.

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