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Posters from World War II

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A simple message: Avenge Pearl Harbor



1.  Remember December 7th!
Allen Saalberg, 1942
2.  Avenge December 7
Bernard Perlin, U.S. Office of War Information, 1942
3.  Miles of Hell to Tokyo
Amos Sewell, U.S. War Manopwer Commission, 1945
4.  Next! Japan
I. Bingham, U.S. G.P.O., Treasury Department, 1944
5.  More Production
Artist and date unknown
6.  We'll Lick 'em!  Just Give Us the Stuff!
Artist and date unknown

Japanese brutality




1.  Stop Him and the Job's Done
"U.S. Army Official Poster," date unknown
2.  Stay on the Job Until Every Murdering Jap is Wiped Out
Artist unknown, date unknown
3.  The Jap Way ... Cold-Blooded Murder
Date unknown
4.  But We've Got to Beat the Jap First
Artist unknown, date unknow

Japanese as rapists (or necropheliacs?) and murderers



1.  This is the Enemy
Unknown artist, design entry, poster contest, 1942
2.  Attack on a Caucasion Woman
Unknown artist, date unknown
3.  The Sowers 
T.H. Benton, 1942
4.  Keep this Horror from Your Home
Japanese soldier, with knife and sharpened teeth, attacks a white woman, date unknown
5.  World War I poster: Destroy This Mad Brute
German soldier, as a gorilla, carries away a white woman, c. 1915

Tojo's ears and teeth grow large; his chin disappears. The nose either
shrinks or swells togorilla-like proportio

Tojo:  Photographs and Caricatures

1.  Tojo's granddaughter carries his photograph to Hawaii
2.  Hon. Spy say:  "Thanks for the can you throw away!"
Unknown artist, U.S. G.P.O. War Production Board, 1943
3.  Tojo at the War Crimes Tribunal
Photographer unknown, 1948
4.  Tojo and Hitler campaign for Roosevelt
Arthur Szyk, 1944

.This stereotype persists long after the war


1. Mickey Rooney as the buck-toothed Mr. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)
2. No Time to Let Loose: It's a Fight to the Finish
Artist unknown, c. 1943
3. Jap Trap
Douglas Aircraft Co., date unknown

Conjoined leaders of the enemy as the enemy



1. Stamp 'Em Out!
Thomas A. Burne, 1941-3
2. Warning!  Our Homes are in Danger Now
Artist unknown, date unknown
3. Hitler, Tojo and Mussolini as a Roasted Chicken
date unknown

Propaganda to fight Japanese sympathizers at home


1.  I am an American
Dorothea Lange, 1942
2.  This is America...Keep it Free!
Poster critiquing
Lange's image, date unknown

 Life contributes to the myth of race


1. Chinese type
2.  Japanese type
"How to tell Japs from the Chinese," Life Magazine,Dec. 1941 (text)

.  Nazi propaganda: allied leaders as puppets of
Jews - elderly, drunken and foppis

Dancing to the Jewish Tune
Dutch collaborationist leaflet, date unknown

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